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  1. Tokico Brake Calipers

    Ford Rangers to 2006, I am not sure about the TDCi engines from 2006, although the brakes may well be the same, had TOKICO front calipers with 42mm pistons on the twin piston version. Some of the earlier versions had single piston calipers. If you have a seized piston, you can buy from Brake Part Superstore, http://www.brakepartssuperstore.org.uk/ or Brakes International http://www.brakesint.co.uk/ and maybe other places, a caliper service kit at a cost of about £18, that provides two fluid seals, two dust seals, two rubber boots for the slide pins and two bleed nipple caps. These are a Budweg product and that company is based in Denmark. Here is a link to the website http://www.budweg.com/budwegweb/en/get_budweg_dk.asp?content=2 You can also buy a NEW Budweg piston at a cost of about £16. I have some experience of repairing calipers and having tried, just recently on my Ford Ranger, which had a seized piston on the front left hand caliper, to replace the seals and piston at a cost of some £48 with VAT and postage, my advise is DO NOT bother trying. The replacement caliper from the above companies, a Budweg refurbished TOKICO caliper is £80 PLUS VAT, and a surcharge of £20 until the old caliper is returned I have NOW found a far cheaper option from this company - (note I have no connection with them - I simply bought from them) http://www.carbrakecalipers.co.uk/ OR http://www.wanapart.co.uk/ where a refurbished TOKICO caliper, refurbished by Brake Engineering of Birmingham (UK) will cost you £55.21 plus VAT and £6.95 postage plus VAT, with a £25 surcharge, refundable when old caliper is returned. Service and speed of delivery was excellent. NB - common cause of course of seized pistons is a failure to change the brake fluid, at least every two years. Hope the information helps. It is simply not worthwhile attemptiing repair.
  2. The full workshop manual for the Ranger can now be downloaded free from the link below. Provided by a member (not me) from another source. http://cid-1fcf8fc855aa51e7.skydrive.live....ONT%5E_PAGE.zip It covers the models to 2006. It does not cover the engine on the Tdci variant introduced in that year. Macboatmaster
  3. Ranger pcd

    Here is your answer from the workshop manual. Hope it helps. Macboatmaster What PCD is the 6 stud ford ranger 2003/4 model please TECHNICAL DATA TD–14 General Item 42 44 Size Front 185R14C- 195R14C- 205R16C- 235/75R15 P235/75R1 P235/75R1 Rear 185R14C 8PR 195R14C 8PR 205R16C 8PR 105S 5 105S 5 106S Front Unloade d (Up to full passenger ) 180 {1.8, 26} 180 {1.8, 26} 180 {1.8, 26} Tire Air pressure Loaded (Full loaded) 200 {2.0, 28} 200 {2.0, 28} ressure (kPa {kgf/cm2, psi}) Rear Unloade d (Up to full passenger ) 180 {1.8, 26} Loaded (Full loaded) 450 {4.5, 63} 250 {2.5, 35} 240 {2.4, 34} 260 {2.6, 36} Wear limit (mm {in}) 1.6 {0.06} Wheel Size 145J 145J 145 1/2J 166JJ 156 1/2JJ Offset (mm {in}) 40 {1.57} 35 {1.38} 25 {0.98} Pitch circle diameter (mm {in}) 139.7 {5.45} Tightening torque (N·m {kgf·cm, in·lbf}) Standard wheel: 89—117 {9—12, 65—86} Styled wheel (166JJ): 118—147 {12—15, 87—108} Wheel and tire Runout limit (mm {in}) Horizontal 2.0 {0.078} Vertical 1.5 {0.059} Imbalance limit (g {oz}) 10 {0.35} One balance weight: max. 60 g {2.1 oz}. If the total weight exceeds 100 g {3.5 oz} on one side, rebalance after moving the tire around on the rim. Do not use more than two balance weights on the inner or outer side of the wheel.
  4. rear brake drums

    Sorry incomplete link before re Fiesta try this one http://www.fiestaturbo.com/forums/guide-ho...38731/#p1768074 Macboatmaster
  5. rear brake drums

    The guide is attached to this link. www.fiestaturbo.com/.../guide-how-to-renew-your-rear-brake-shoes-vt138731. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to undo the hub nut behind the grease cap which is torqued to 235nm which is 173 ft.lbs. The disadvantage is that you are working behind the brake back plate so access is difficult. Please ensure the socket is an exact fit otherwise you will struggle, do not use a multi point socket. Ensure you clean off the threads of the bolt and apply thread lock before you put them back. Finally, hope you do not mind me telling you - Do not try it unless the car is fully supported and the other wheels chocked - not on a jack. Macboatmaster
  6. HELP! (Ranger Owners Handbook).

    email me at macboatmaster@yahoo.com. We can then correspond direct.
  7. HELP! (Ranger Owners Handbook).

    I can supply the FULL factory workshop manual on CD for £5 to cover the CD, postage and my time. Macboatmaster
  8. HI ALL

    HI everyone, sorry I think I may have originally posted my introduction in the wrong place. Been here for a few weeks. Recently bought a Ford Ranger XLT Thunder 06 plate. double cab. Very pleased with it except for the relatively poor consumption compared with my old Disco, that with over 128K still returned 31mpg locally. Live in Anglesey, involved in fishing and pleasure cruises on the Menai Strait area. Just wish Ford would make their mind up on which oil is the right one for the RFW front and LSD rear axles. Cheers Macboatmaster.
  9. THE FULL FACTORY WORKSHOP MANUAL for the Ranger it covers all models to 2006, but does NOT cover the new 143bhp Tdci engine introduced April 2006. Can now be downloaded FREE from this link. (PROVIDED FROM ANOTHER SOURCE) http://cid-1fcf8fc855aa51e7.skydrive.live....ONT%5E_PAGE.zip Macboatmaster
  10. Hi there from new member

    From macboatmaster, below are the BERU glow plugs claimed to be the now best from Germany and the fitting instructions. NGK is Y-701J, LUCAS is LP025, CHAMPION is CH94. If you need any other help just ask. Malcolm Product finder Your vehicle Model Type Model year Power output Cc / Cyl. Ford RANGER (TU_) 2.5 TD 4x4 10.1999 - 80 kW / 109 PS 2500 / 4 can be fitted with the following original BERU brand product(s): Product Type Code designation Type designation Order No. Glow Plug GN GN 005 - 0 100 226 336 14163 To Model Year 09.2001 Installation Information: Cover glow plug thread and -shaft with mounting grease, (GKF 01 - Order No. 0 890 300 034), before fitting to enable easier removal and prevent corrosion. Tightening Torque [Nm] 15 Failure Moment [Nm] 35 Port Type M4/2Nm Cone Pitch 120° Fitting Depth [mm] 22 Overall Length [mm] 87,5 Thread Size M 10x1,25 Spanner Size 12 mm Glow Plug Type Pencil-type Glow Plug Glow Plug Type After-glow capable Rated Current [A] 13 Voltage [V] 11
  11. If it helps you, and you have not already done the job, I have the full workshop manual, not some alternative publication, but the FULL factory manual. If you are interested you would need to send me a CD as it is far to large to download, there are OVER 900 pages., come back on here if you wish. it is no use on a download it has been tried many times and fails, except on a mega download site and I am not prepared to put it on there. macboatmaster
  12. Ford Ranger

    I presume you know by now, but approx 30 mpg local, 32 urban and 36 extra urban if driven carefully. a 22% improvement on the old 2.5 duratorque TD pre 2006. Always ensure you use the recommended spec oil. It may not be cheap, but any lesser spec than M2913B or a different sae seriously effects consumption. Leaving the RFW locked in 2 wheel drive will return less than these figures by 15% or so and you will be buying a new set of front tyes in double quick time. Macboatmaster
  13. Ford Ranger

    I would think by now you have found the answer. The old TD 2.5 duratorque engine returned 28 about town, 31 urban and 33 if driven carefully extra urban. The newer, from 2006, TDCi engine returned approx. 22 % more. NEVER BE TEMPTED to put any engine oil in except the recommended 5w/30 meeting M2C-913B spec as the consumption will suffer, with a lesser spec or particularly a 10/30. Also, always ensure that the RFW are not locked when in two wheel drive, as consumption will drop drastically. macboatmaster.