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  1. S-Max Aircon Faulty Since Service?

    Right then, thought I'd update. My wife took the car to another garage to get this all checked out, and they couldn't find anything, suggesting an auto-electrician would be the way to go. So rather than do that, being certain the issue started at the service, I decided to pull apart the section under the glovebox to see what I could find. Under there sticking out of the side of the centre console, was a blue female connector with no wires going in to it. I pulled this out and it's a long, blue sensor. Had a feel around and discovered the wires and matching male connector pushed back a bit, plugged them in… and all is well. Aircon fully working. Once I'd fixed it, I googled "blue sensor s-max" and this was the top result, which shows that indeed, with this unplugged A/C wont work: http://www.justanswer.com/uk-ford/6qte9-ford-s-max-air-con-s-max-stopped-working-few-weeks.html Frustrated that "experts" couldn't find it, but pleased I managed. Wish I'd have pulled of the panels and had a good look round sooner though!
  2. Hello

    Couple of photos from a year or so ago.
  3. S-Max Aircon Faulty Since Service?

    I'll go dig around. :)
  4. S-Max Aircon Faulty Since Service?

    Thanks for the answers. My wife is telling me it's not just aircon, but turning the temp down on just "normal" air makes no difference either, it blows hot even on cold, A/C or no A/C. We have the LCD display, dual zone climate version, it has push/twist buttons on either side of the LCD readout. (Don't have the car on me to say exactly!). It says AC/on etc when you activate it, but it doesn't seem to make much difference at all. Is there a "route" I can follow to see what might have happened, DIY check to make sure everything is plumbed in? Incidentally I called the garage, who tried to tell me how to use aircon (despite me having owned the car over a year and told them it was working before the work), then said "they don't really do aircon". Urgh.
  5. S-Max Aircon Faulty Since Service?

    I used it on the way to the service/MOT, to check it was working. Which is why I can pin-point when it happened.
  6. S-Max Aircon Faulty Since Service?

    Hello. New here and looking for some help/advice. I took my 2007 S-Max (2 litre diesel, titanium) for a full service and MOT (5th service @ 78,000) at an independent garage I was recommended by a number of locals. All seemed well, however today in this heat I put my aircon on cold for the first time since before the service, and it would only blow hot air. Any suggestions as to what may have happened, and if there may be a quick/DIY fix before I call the garage in the morning? Thanks in advance.
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