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  1. Harsh/stiff Ride Quality?

    Anyone else suffer from this in their Fusion? My 03-plate 1.4 petrol is diabolical over sleeping policemen, etc, compared to our other car, a rather ordinary 1.4 petrol 04-plate Rover 25, which is by no means a limo! Anyone else tried different springs or shockers? Not planning on retrofitting until necessary (I'm too tight fisted!), but willing to try something else. For me it's about the only thing that lets this motor down.
  2. Pollen Filter

    Take care when prising the cover off, I managed to break one of the mounts that the screws fit into (!)
  3. Choosing Tyres

    I can recommend the Kleber 'Quadraxer' tyres we had to the fronts over a year ago, done 12k and look hardly worn. They are a '4-season' tyre (as opposed to a full-on 'winter' tyre), and were better than the old ones in the snow last winter. Can't remember cost, but I get them at 'mates rates' from ATS, where our company buy all their lorry tyres from(!)
  4. Hayes Manual Ford Fusion

    Thanks Stef, got one now - top job!
  5. Hayes Manual Ford Fusion

    Could someone clarifyu which manual number/Fiesta mk this one is please? Cheers
  6. Fusion 3 Default Keys

    That's all I got with my second hand Fusion. I'm going to try E-bay, etc for a 3rd spare.... Ford want £20 for standard key (£80 for remote key!) and £70 to program it :-((
  7. Newbie Question

    Hi guys, newbie here! Just bought a 2003 Fusion 3. Can someone please advise which Fiesta-type (and preferably the book reference number) I need to get the Haynes Manual for? Sorry if this has been asked before (!) Cheers