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  1. luckys

    V5C Registration

    poss had engine swop and not told swansea
  2. hi i like the sounds of the duplex system good idear. so poss will be nockin one to gether at a later date
  3. i will be sprayin it ..17" dare alloys. will be cutin the rear iner arcers off . skirts from a mk6 and rear bumper led back lights from a mk6. delter front bumper. twin big bore had to welld it on.. thinkin of fittin a mk7 dash !!
  4. hi all i would like to make sum new local face book friends with simler intrests as me

  5. ok all putin me convertable away under cover till the summer now

  6. luckys

    Odd Nose From Engin Help!!

    oil and filter around 2month ago so last keeper told me ! the last bit of the vid it sounds like its sucking air? like soon as revs drop of and oil is getin to the top .i tested it by take the oil cap of and it spits it out
  7. tickin over like a bag of spanners. the nose will go if i unplug the M.A.F. but still like a bag of spanners on tick over . had new plugs n leads and compresion test now its doing my head in. please help me<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. hi all i have just got my self an old ford escort 1995 convertalble