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  1. Mondeo Mk5 Mudflaps

    I have just looked on my car, same model/spec and it looks like they would be easy to do with the wheels on. I know that it is easy on the new fiesta, I did them myself with the wheels on. It looks like it is mostly the push in type fixings, two parts an outer ring and an inner pin type thing. If there are any screws then you can use a socket set with a torx bit if you have one. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. No problem. Cree bulbs are amazing, pure crisp light. They don't come cheap though unfortunately. I had Cree side light bulbs too, the W5W fitmant, canbus free and they worked fine, i have a link somewhere in my ebay history if you're interested. Two companies I would recommend are Car Mod Shop and Power Bulbs, look them up on thye web then phone them when you know what you want and ask for discount,, always worked for me !! Will PM you some photo's when i get home. jon
  3. If I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck :)

  4. Hi. Just picked up our 2011 Focus Titanium, very impressed. We have the built inn SatNav (not touchscreen) and the Comms pack. I am going to use an SD card for music but not sure what the best way to put the tracks across so they play well. I read they need to be MP3 or .M3U for playlists. i havent made playlists before but everywhere i have looked it says you create a text file and then write down each file name/extension wit .M3U at the end when you save it. Is this how the ford system 'likes' it? If anyone has any advice it would be great. Thank you in advance Jon
  5. Have you tried these bulbs bulbs for your rear fogs? I used the white ones you have used as DRLs in my World Series Racing Megane, I changed all the bulbs in that car inside and out, even fitted a full HID conversion kit complete with ballasts...very easy! Jon
  6. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    Hi all Just picked up my 2011 Focus Titanium with Keyless entry system. I had this on my previous Renault and they dont seem to work the same. I dont know if there is a fault as I see people have had to have theirs updated. I'll get to the point. Do you have to physically lock the door when you exit, or do you have to press the button on the door handle? The dealer told us that you just walk away but when we do that the car does not lock. There is also no audiable noise to confirm the alarm is set, i was under the impression the thatcham alarm 'beeped' when it armed. Any responses would be appreciated, thank you in advance Jon