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  1. Hey Lenny. Thanks for all the help buddy! I have found some with the width 8.5! But all I need to do now is decide 19 or 18 I want to lower the car and prefably a nice low too! Not extreme but not so minimal you don't notice. So something like where the tires just about in line with wheel arch or the tiniest bit inside the arch! What would you recommend buddy? 18inch looks far too small for focus wheel arches I find. Thanks again man
  2. Hi all, God, been a long time since I was on here! I am currently coming to the end of a year spent travelling in australia and I plan to work on the car again when home, but need someone's help! I am looking for nice deep concave alloys. I have found a few but what I wanted to know was if anyone knows the maximum sizes and offsets and widths you can go? For example would a 19" alloy at a width of 8.5 catch the brakes or inside the wheel arch etc? I'm looking at these specs. Which would be not advisable: Car is Focus (2007) Zetec (ST bodykit) 5 stud x 108 18" x 8.5 18" x 9 18" x 9.5 19" x 8.5 19" x 9 19" x 9.5 All the offsets are fine, I can fit them or if not i have spacers! Thanks guys! Appreciate anyone who can help!
  3. Carbon Fibre Interior

    I do wrapping proffesionally, i work on the wrapping of cars completely i.e in full carbone or chrome and also can do interior work, if you want you can inbox me and i can sort something out for you, i.e post the parts to me and it'll be wrapped like a beauty!!! in any colour shape or form! you pay for the materials and tbh i dont care for a (wage/cost to do it) unless you decide to hahaha
  4. Hi Guys, I aint holding up much hope as you all have focus's anyway but just in that rare case someone fancies a swap to a more fancier one i am selling up my focus st replica due to moving to australia for a period of time. the brief details are (will provide more to those interested) Ford Focus Zetec Climate Package Black 2.0ltr Petrol 54,000 Miles 2007 year 3 Door ST bodywork (spoiler, bumpers front n back, sideskirts, odd ST parts here n there, i.e the gear stick, full bi-xenon headlights with HID kit) NOTE: THE REG PLATE IS PERSONAL hence the Anth23 username haha!! thats in the process of being took off. ALSO NOTE: there are a few things that no longer on the car, like the focus badge has been replaced for the silver stock one again, it was red to match car, the wheel nuts are black again, just little bits to make it little less personal! The car has had a small handful of mods which if they was wanted to be took off then i can do, but off the top of my head there is a full induction kit, (sounds amazing when changing gear, air sucked in sounds ace)... i have had the exhaust system to look like an ST one, nice sporty sound, nothing like these "chav" motors and sound like a roaring !Removed!!!! full exhaust system set me back £600 and its got smoked lights (easy to strip to standard) the fog surrounds have been colour coded to car. there is a full 7inch pioneer DVD/SAT NAV/ bluetooth/ USB (basically alot) unit in the front, that alone set me back £500 I will leave it at that for now, i just wanted to see what people thought, i was looking for around £5,500 (i had a few car garages say i could put it up at 6,000 in autotrader and easily command that price if not a slightly bit lower, as fellow focus lovers, what says you? i think it is a stunning car but dont want to rob myself).
  5. A Collection Of Photos Of Car So Far!

    It is a pioneer head unit! It's class! Paying for the sat nav adapter and rear view camera next month I hope! And I got it from audio direct website! The fascia was on eBay, but I had to cut it a little. Carve out the curves a little deeper! There is some work involved, I can advise you if you get one! The fascia if you don't trim it down will push on the screen and it won't flip open to place DVDs/CDs in it! So be careful! If anyone wants any modding help then just ask! I've had that car in pieces- engine, bodywork, interior, audio, electronics the lot!!! I don't mind helping anyone :)
  6. A Collection Of Photos Of Car So Far!

    I know exactly what you mean, erm well to be brutally honest how I run it and afford it it's down to birthday cash saved up, my job pays brilliant (football coach at proffesional club - scunthorpe United- although I'm a hull fan haha). And I live at home rather than uni so save alot of money there! But yeah don't believe students crap! There loaded! Student loans pay for half the girls in my classes clothes and junk!!! Hahaha
  7. Engine System Fault ???

    for now check your battery isnt nackered and if it happens again, pull in asap and just turn the car off, wait 2 minutes and turn it back on! error message will be gone and away you go again! but i will get to the bottom of this for you!!! aint having fellow focus folk in trouble! haha
  8. Engine System Fault ???

    I had this on my old 55" titanium focus, i read somewhere how to get around it, apparently sometimes there is nothing wrong with the car at all it just decides to do it! i will do my best to find the link again! all it is is something like leave the car for so many hours and do this and that! (of course thats no help but i will go looking for the link now) dont spend any more money on those pathetic computers!! good old mechanics experience and this automech program i got on my laptop works a treat!
  9. I Have some 18 inch ford alloys that would look good! getting rid of them as no longer on the car! if you want i can email you few pics! only looking for around 175-200 for full set of 4 with 4 tires (not too sure on 2 of them being legal though)
  10. Fiesta Zetec S Spoiler Ebay

    hey, i bought one for my focus a while ago from the exact company and it came safe n sound, primed and etc but it was a little mishaped, i asked questions as you can imagine and all i got back was in the small print basically is a part that says some parts may need trimming or cutting etc and modeling to the car to fit perfect/flush etc so if your good with fibreglass then go for it! if not i'd go to ford, pay that little bit more for the proper solid motor plastic (forget its true name) but it laughs in the face of fibreglass! fibreglass is awful! (trust me i used it many a times on racing cars and my friends track bike! the stuff is nasty, good if your cool with it being damaged time and time again) hope someway or another this has helped
  11. A Collection Of Photos Of Car So Far!

  12. A Collection Of Photos Of Car So Far!

  13. Hey all again, I have done a few changes to the car since i last posted, not been working on it alot due to last few weeks at university. I will save you the boredom of me going on about it all. but the one im looking forward to is having it re-mapped next week! this car is eventually going to be my race day car! currently i haven't got one after doing it for years i had few years out! had an fiesta but once i get my new car (sorry folks but its gonna be a BMW 3 series) my focus will be stripped, ripped out, gutted and ££££'s spent to make her a full on race car! enter the divisions again and get blasting round again! so if you are gonna be around for another year (we think it'll take a year) then watch this car ;) heres some pics! (If the page cuts me off on pics, i'll jsut reply with more, i have fair few yah see :)) FOG SURROUNDS DONE TO MATCH CAR RED WHEEL NUTS SOME RANDOM CAR MEET! HAHA! NEXT TO THE "RENTS" PASSION WAGON MONDEO! FEW EDITED SHOTS ON IPHONE
  14. Little Update On My Focus St (Rep)

    Here are some more, as you can see, i have purchased a lovely richbrook aerial, soon to be matched with gear knob, and also smoked the rear lights, not too much but they look niceee!
  15. Little Update On My Focus St (Rep)

    Stupid me !! seen that it shows recently updated threads on main board so here are some more pics for you guys to check out! as you can see the alloys are sprayed in an awsome black but shines glittery dark grey ish when bright light shined on it! awsome paintwork!!! very unique... the fog surrounds too and few other bits and bobs that are ongoing! hoping for a niceeeee motor by end of the year (also the locking nuts will be replaced with red locking nuts, just waiting on post man) ha! MORE WILL FOLLOW AS SOON AS MY GMAIL SORTS ITSELF OUT !! My little smurf i take with me !!! goes with the wipers too, everyone loves him!!! ha (carbon wing mirrors too been done ages ago)