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  1. Stolen Rear Window

    He he don't worry, I don't offend easy lol, if it helps I'm an electrician does that make me an honorary dude!
  2. Stolen Rear Window

    And by the way I'm female lol!
  3. Stolen Rear Window

    Thank you everyone, sadly there's no way I can just replace the window as the fiends have also cut through the roof mechanism as well. So I've had to claim on my insurance and get the whole roof replaced. Interestingly I was speaking to the mechanic who did it and apparently theres a gang in my area going around stealing the windows to order and the next week the same thing happened to a friends street ka as well (not me honest lol). Lenny that sounds awful what gives thieving scumbags the right to touch peoples hard earned property.
  4. Stolen Rear Window

    Hi Not too long ago some B*****d cut the rear window out of my lovely 04 street ka with a knife. Can't find anything on the web about this type of crime. Has anyone here been a victim of this?