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  1. hi guys like all things in life , you get what you pay for . I fitted some 18in avons av5's earlier this year and have not being disappointed i'm a member of the AA and you can buy tyres through them at internet tyre shop prices worked out at £129 each fitted and balanced..
  2. Hi Gang . The parking sensors on my mondy havfe started playing up since the weather changed.. is there any way of finding out which one if the eight had failed without taking it to the garage to be plugging and ripped off??
  3. if the clutch was going wouldn't it be in all gear's and more the lower gear's.. this sounds more like a gear selector issue and maybe something as simple as the gearstick not moving far back enough it select sixth....
  4. hi there ... if your car has the sony dab , it will play mp3 files and the connector itself is only a few quid.. there will be a blanked plug on the left side of the glove box when you remove it . two main bolts on the roof of the box and several screws scattered around the front.... instead of going though all that you can play music thou your bluetooth from most new phones;-))
  5. hi there , I have just removed the last of four from my 2009 car with less than 40k on her.. There is a serious desgin fault with them , why replace if they will fail in the next year od so. Up until the fourth sensor my dashboard display gave me a tyre pressure sensor warning , but now all four are removed the system has switched it's self off.... Think i can live without it.....;-)
  6. my brother had a rear window go like this in a sierra years ago , it was in the winter and there was a sudden thaw once night ....his car was snowed/iced over when we letf it but when we returned the following morning the sudden thaw had caused his rear window to completely shatter........
  7. Hi there . I may have some info which might be of use. If you go to the mondeo page and i have a topic titled "is there a hidden usb port in a mk4 mondeo???".. Now it turns out if you remove the glove box there is a blanked out plug on the left side , now one man on there assures me that if you buy a usb plug from Ford and he quotes £2.70 , he now has full i control on his steering wheel .. i'm have the blanked out plug in my 59 reg mondeo and will be searching from the plug this week . i let you know what happens ;-) I wouldn't put i pass Ford to charge £50 for a three quid bit!!
  8. Back to this one again guys. Mike glad you found that out , I have just taken the glove box out and sure enough there was a blanked out plug on the left side with three wires into a six port plug , is this similar to the one in yours chap?? so next it is to fords for the plug happy days ;-)
  9. Hi dudes Again its the rear lights that put me right of this car, oh and the front lower grille . i used to be a big focus fan !! but not to sure about this one..... now take the lastest fiesta zetec thats fecking sexy!!
  10. Hi Chris I found a few answers to this subject in the s-max section . There is a subject on there titled convers+ , lots of information and one users reply was most interesting........ To implement the USB port you need to upgrade the bluetooth module in the car to the later version & buy the additional wiring looms. The USB wires to the bluetooth module, which in turn wires to the radio headunit. You also need a radio with a sufficient firmware version to support the new bluetooth module & USB connection....end quote I haven't tryed this myself yet but instead of using the aux port the play music you can use the cars bluetooth to play tunes of a iphone/other smart phone maybe?? .my friend does this on his s-max which has alot in common with our mondeos cheers amigo ;-)
  11. if it's not in the centre console , it will be in the glove box.....;-)
  12. i asked the same question...... go on the s-max section.....there is a subject called convers , there is like three pages of info about it.... anyhow!! you should already have a usb port somewhere in the car being as it's a titantim with sony and convers;-)
  13. hi dudes.... this is the subject that i'm looking for!!!! i bought my mondeo three months ago and it came with the convers unit which is rare in a zetec spec car...the unit displayed setting and trip computer only. but!! strangely i stalled the car last week , on restart the dials on the clock did illuminate , so i turned the engine off...restarted and now i have voice control(which never worked) controll over my stereo the fecking my problem is in reverse.. technology is great when it work's;-)
  14. Hi there I read a story in the paper last month or so . About several car's with the keyless opition not starting now and then . The cause may of being a household in that street with a wireless video transmitter ,simular to the type that plugs into say a digi box scart port and transmit's to its receiver else where in the house. It's a shot it the dark i know , but you never know...
  15. i would put 50p on it being the cat .. my escort did the same years ago and that was down to the cat.. i fitted a aftermarket job and it worked fine , was£150 (inc fitting)at the time ,but that was 2004;-)