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  1. I am aiming to replace a leaking injector seal. In the Haynes manual it says you have to move the brake fluid reservoir and then remove the wipers and the cowl below the windscreen at the start of the process. Is this neceassry? or can you start off by removing the nuts for the injector wiring guide?
  2. car has 102k and has slight s/wheel vibration when driving 50 to 70mph and a bit more vibration when braking - had wheels balanced and alignment done today but no change Front drivers side tyre had wear on inside so got it renewed Looked at the brake discs but could not see any obvious warping, so not sure what the cause is Can worn wishbone bushes cause this? At last test in Nov 2014 it was mentioned to renew the wishbones/or bushes before next test in 2016
  3. no - the light does not flicker.When I said 'coming on for a flicker' I meant it came on for a split second or so
  4. After driving this car since Nov 2014 I have become accustomed to the glow plug light not coming on when starting the car or coming on for a flicker During the recent cold weather at -4,-5 degrees it did come on briefly for a few seconds However yesterday the outside temp on the car display said 12 degrees and today 6 degrees and the light came on for several seconds and this was for a 2nd trip both times?? Just puzzled why its comes on and stays on for longer in mildish weather but not cold weather??
  5. Can anyone advise - I bought this car a few months ago and it came without any manuals but if I ever need to disconnect the battery I'll need a code for radio Where can this be obtained? From what I've read about it, first I need the radio Serial number in order to get a code for it? To get the serial number do you have to take out the radio to see the sticker with the serial number on it?
  6. Stoney871 Would you also have a manual for the Audio/Radio/CD for this model? Also as I have no manual do you know where I can get the code for the radio if I ever have to disconnect the battery?
  7. Hi Just bought an estate but has no owners manual - any ideas where to get one. Can't see any downloadable UK ones online
  8. 2004 1.4tdci with 138000 miles blowing grey/blue only at start up & when accelerating from cold, lasts about about half a mile or so. Using a liter of oil every 1000 miles. From googling this seems to be due to worn valve guides/seals but not badly worn piston rings? Considering getting cylinder head refurbished (under £100) - wonder would this cure the smoke but maybe not the heavy oil usage?
  9. Have 2004 1.4tdci with 130000 miles - goes well, idles normally but uses a lot of oil if driven by accelerating fairly sharp through the gears. If driven nice n easy uses not too much oil. On starting some grey/blue smoke from exhaust and if accelerate hard in 2nd,3rd also some grey/blue smoke comes out of exhaust. I'm thinking its the valve oil seals rather than piston ring wear? Apart from renewing these seals anyone know if theres another way of reducing oil usage.Needs regularly topped up with about 5 litres over 6000 miles - How much would renewal of valve oil seals cost in a garage? .
  10. When starting my March 2004 fusion this morning it would turn over then stop.It doesn't keep turning over with the key turned to start the engine. I googled this query and I found this: 'Had the same on my wife's 04 Fiesta. I have just had the guys at work to look at it and there is a software issue with cold starts. There is a new PCM calibration available with the LC suffix. This will fix the issue. Vehicles builds up to 27/08/04 were affected. The issue is such that at colder ambients, if the engine hasn't fired and run by the time it sees an rpm of over 200, the PCM disengages the starter, and hence the no start. The new cal has the thresholds set higher so this doesn't happen.' Anyone know if this is true?
  11. coolant leak on 2004 1.4tdci from plastic coolant pipe which goes from thermostat housing to water pump - I thought it was maybe the housing itself leaking and today I put on a new housing but no change to the leak. I think the leak is from where the hose clips (has white bit on it which is pressed in) onto the housing but not 100% sure My question is, is there a seal inside the end of this hose that can be renewed? and could be the reason for the leak?
  12. hi was there a leak from this pipe? I have fusion 1.4tdci with a coolant leak somewhere around the thermostat housing - the pipes coming from the housing are wet and it runs down onto the exhaust Not sure if the leak is the thermo housing or one of these plastic pipes There are 2 of these pipes at the back of the engine - one from housing to water pump I think and the other is the bypass hose? I am thinking of putting on a new thermostat housing to cure the leak hopefully. Do the plastic pipes need new seals or rings fitted?
  13. Hi Recently removed the EGR valve to take a look at its condition and after taking off the air cleaner I could see oily wetness down in where the injectors sit (1 or 2 of them). The car has 117k and symptoms are - has some juddering at low speed/slightly touching accelerator, and exhaust fume smell when slow/stationary with blower on - Apart from this the car drives fine, no hissing sound, no exhaust smoke or diesel smell and getting about 59mpg on long mixed with short journeys . I have read a lot of posts about the injector seals and not sure whether to put new ones on soon or leave it as my car does not seem to be running as badly as others in these posts Any experienced mechanics out there with advice?
  14. I have noticed that the cover has a small piece out of it along the edge at the top left at the back of it, so a small piece of the filter can be seen, that is the rubber edge of the filter not the element. I looked at it closer but it does not seem like a piece is broken off it but is part of how it was made? Also what engine oil do you recommend for this engine - I use semi-synthetic but is fully synthetic better (car has 117k) Also exhaust fumes in car when blower is on with air directed to face or windscreen when going slow or stationary- have read other stuff about it that its leaking injectors??