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  1. Help: A Few Problems With My Puma

    Thanks for the advice, I'll certainly try the trip button and report back. Someone else (on another forum) has mentioned rust on the inside mirror, and regarding the engine light - they had suggested because my milage was digital, that it is possibly related. Like you said though, I will find out when I take it in on Friday. Shame if thats the case re: signal Thanks for your help
  2. Hi there, First time here - I found out about this place from the pumapeople forum. I have a couple of issues with my Puma which I'm looking for some advice on, I've booked my car into a Ford dealership for a full service next week but I'd like to get some additional information in preperation. Besides the car needing serviced I have the following faults, in which I'd appreciate if 1. Is it expensive to repair, and roughly how much am I looking at and 2. Is it difficult to identify the cause. 1. The passenger side electric mirror does not go up or down. 2. The speedometer stopped working 2 days ago. 3. The engine light lit up on the dashboard today - could this because of the speedometer? 4. The remote key fobs sometimes won't work unless I get quite close to the car, is this just a case of replacing the battery and a weak signal as a result? My Puma is a 1.7 late 2001 model and only has 30k miles. Thanks