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  1. Central Locking Not Working

    Hi again, I was doing it too slow, The light didnt go soild but it beeped at me, When i pressed the button it beeped again and now the central locking works. Thanks a million that was excellant adviced and really appreciated.
  2. Central Locking Not Working

    Hi When i turn the key 4 turns to II then alarm / immobiliser still flashes and doesnt go soild. I still pressed the button and wait 20secs but nothing Thanks
  3. Hello Wondering if anyone can point any areas to which i can look into. My central locking for all doors and boot have stopped working on my Ford Focus Fusion 2 2003. There is no noises made when any buttons pressed on the remote. The thob was working fine but the battery did start going flat in it so i replaced it with a cheap one as a temp messure. The key thob worked perfect with no problems but the cheap battery went flat so i replaced it with another from the pack and it started working again. After 2 week or so the thob started getting a little rubbish ( like the battery was running out again ) the next day i came to my car and nothing worked so i guessed the battery had gone flat again, i changed the battery and it still isnt working, thinking it maybe a dud battery i replaced it with another and yet it still does not work. I was wondering if there is any terminals under the bonnet or doors i can check to see if anything is loose, or if i have to get a new thob how do i programme it to my car? Thanks in advanced and i hope someone can help. Jay
  4. Hello, I have a Ford Fusion 2 2003, The engine warning light has appeared, I placed a read on to see what the fault was and it gave P0030 H02S BANK 1 SENSOR 1 HEATER CIRCUIT. I went it a local parts shop and told them the error message, They said it was a senor on the exhaust?? I then paid £56 for this sensor that i thought it was, Placed the sensor on ( was on very bottom on the engine connecting to the exhaust after the cat i think ) and the warning light is still on. However when i thought id check what the spark plugs conditions was in, when removing the black cover from the engine i saw a senor on top / backend of the engine is that looked the same but with a different connection plug. Can anyone tell me where this sensor bank 1 sensor 1 heater circuit is please? i have tried googleing pics of where it is with no luck at all. Thank you in advanced.