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  1. I to, am always concerned when my car doesn't finish its regen, I wish a warning of some sort would alert me that the car is doing a regen then I could prolong my journey until it finished if practical.
  2. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Yes Mick it was when I parked uphill that I noticed the leak. when ford check it out for leaks they use a dye. good luck.
  3. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Sorry to here your having the same problem as I had mick, Mine still stayed dry since the repair I might add. mine was leaking between the dash bulkhead and the side bulkhead, the garage did say after they found the leak realised it could have been repaired from the wheel arch, the plastic wheel arch has to be removed, then the leak was because of the missing sealant near the top of the seam,as my dash was removed they were able to repair both sides. After I got the car back I put my arm right up to the top right hand side of drivers footwell behind the dash and I was able to feel the new sticky sealant that the garage repair my car with. I really hope this helps as I was so frustated when mine leaked however I do check from time to time just in case. also I parked facing up hill to. goodluck Andy
  4. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Leak Update. Today I picked the car up after dropping it off at the garage no the 21st. Since then the front doors and dash were completely removed (they showed me photos as I asked) and they said they were able to immediately see where the water was coming in, as Chris said in earlier post. There were quite a few places where the sealer was missing or cracked so they repaired them all to be on the safe side. Its now just a matter of time and constant checking before I can be sure it is water tight, but I am pleased with progress so far. Thanks again Chris for your valuable info. Andy
  5. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Chris Garage phoned me to say they had the car for 10days took carpet out put 1 seat back in drove it around in rain but could not find any source of leak, so got it back Tuesday, next day heavy rain, a very small wet patch next to inner sill so I put some tissue paper there, but no rain since and it is now dry again. Its a real mystery, I did ring the garage and told them of the leak, they booked it in for next week, but now there is no evidence. I told the garage of your plight, but they did not respond. Was your leaking all the time or just when you parked it a certain position, (uphill, etc). I can see why others have simply moved the car on as it gives you no confidence what so ever. Regards Andy
  6. Water Has Leaked Into The Boot Plz Help

    Hi Jamie I hope this is the end of your problems but my focus is a 60 plate as welland reading about leaks ford are just not getting their act together, its an old model now so you expect these problems sorted. As you can see from my post, we should not be having these issues.At least you never had to pay for it. All the best Andy.
  7. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Update on situation, garage took carpet out they found it wet in drivers footwell only but could not find a track from there, so they left it out in the rain for few days facing uphill but no leak detected, then they drove car with carpets out to see if a/c or heater was to blame and still no leak. I am worried that I will get it back and have to go through the whole scenario again. I thought they were going to take the dash out but they are very reluctant for some reason.This situation is really frustrating. Any Ideas Andy
  8. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Thanks Chris Well its back in the garage now so will let you know the outcome, I hope the end result is the same as yours Chris. Here's Hoping Andy
  9. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    The Latest update, took the car to ford dealership 21st Oct got it back 31 Oct after carpets & seats removed, they told me they found another leak and 1 on the passenger side. Woke up 1 Nov after a night of heavy rain and carpet wet. Now waiting to get a courtesy car so I can take it back, possible dash coming out this time. I'm really fed up with this car, its 11 mths old. I never thought I would say it but I could be buying a vauxhall next time, however if ford wish to buy my car of me or swap it for the newer model as a good will gesture, I would be up for it.
  10. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Car is going back in the garage for hopefully to dry my carpet which is starting to smell and check that they have definitely stop the leak as I'm not convinced.
  11. Mk2.5 Focus 2010 leaking

    Hi All Went to garage and picked up the car but I am not happy as they told me the carpets were dry but the felt is still wet underneath, they said it must be leaking out of the sodden felt further up. Garage said they will contact ford and get in contact. I suggested a new carpet as it is starting to smell. Garage said it will get sorted. I believe now that ford Has poor servicing to go with their poor manufacturing.
  12. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    Catch I to have had reservations on whether I would be better off with a petrol or diesel as this is my first diesel, the dpf puts the fear in me, but when you think of economy and the low tax,it sort of pays for its self. you get nothing for free these days, but every car you buy some one tends to make money out you . my other focus is 2003 model 36000 miles and still a nice car to drive, had it from 3300 miles. the car we parted with was the mrs 1.8 tdi fiesta which my son now has,and it was replaced with the 1.6 tdci zetec s but I use it. Please keep in touch as its great to hear from someone on my wave length.
  13. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    Hi Catch I would most certainly have told you of any probs. I do similar mileage to you a year, mainly because I work a lot. they have not had any issue with the car what so ever mechanically, some one did stove the side in one night and drove off.Andy