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  1. Titanium 1600 120

    Do I understand correctly that my 60 plate Fiesta might be a bit of a rarity? It's, as per topic title, a Titanium 5 door with the 1600 120PS engine in it. I gather that there weren't that many made, but of course, I'm probably wrong!
  2. Bye Bye Zetec S Tdci, Helloooooo Titanium :)

    Thanks for that, there is a suggestion on the Kuga forum that having the contacts on the phone rather then the SIM will allow it to use them, but I'll RTFM as well :) Glad (sort of :)) that it's not just me. If I ever find out how to change it I'll let you know. I've no idea about the picture, I got it from the Allen website, but the car came up from Swindon, even though it's a Northampton KN, and lived in Hardingstone before I got it. If you recognise it as Bedford Road then that's where it is. Once I get a picture of the new one I might make you guess where it was taken :)
  3. I wouldn't pick a SEAT, my mate has a Leon FR TDI. Great engine but the rest of it is like a biscuit tin. Very noisy with a harsh ride.
  4. Bye Bye Zetec S Tdci, Helloooooo Titanium :)

    I wasn't intending to. It's a 5er, so I suspect that a full dress up kit a.) won't fit, and b.) will look a little daft... Though if there is an easy way of changing the chrome window and foglight trim to black I may consider it :) I've got a couple of questions about it though, If I try and use the voice command to call a number, it tells me that the directory is empty, and the phonebook display is in surname first, but on my phone it's christian name first. Any suggestions as to what I have missed on the first, and can I swap the names around on the second point?
  5. Bye Bye Zetec S Tdci, Helloooooo Titanium :)

    I wasn't really doing the miles to justify a diesel to be fair, I just wanted £20 road tax and the torque to boot me out of corners :) I'm only doing about 12k a year so back to petrol seems a no brainer to me. But then, I am a bear of very little brain.
  6. Geting me a new toy this afternoon :) I've chopped the Sea Grey Zetec S TDCI in for a 60 plate 1.6(120) Ink Blue Titanium. Just in case anyone cares :)
  7. What Is...

    Cheers orcomma, I suspected that was what was behind the plate, but I had no idea what the vent slots were for :) Coysht, I don't have the card slots as I have the ESP button, but the slots in question are further over and up, you can't see them normally, but if you look behind the left stalk then you can see them. iNath, ta for the picture, I've got the AUX port, but not the USB one. I was wondering what's behind it to see if I could run the USB from my Parrot to it. Looks like the USB will just have to stay in the secret hole.
  8. What Is...

    What is behind the AV/USB blanking plate on the Mk7? Is there a socket on the back like an audio or USB extension cable or is it a clip in cable connector? Also, I noticed the other day after having the car for two years that in the fascia behind the left switch gearand obscured from the drivers seat by the steering wheel are a series of slots, any idea what these are for? I tried putting a pound coin in one in case they are coin slots, but it didn't go. It's not important, I'm just curious.
  9. Snow

    Sorry if this has been covered, but how do you clean the snow off your cars in the morning so that the nicely compounded and swirl free paint isn't messed up?
  10. Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    I certainly did, thanks for arranging it.
  11. Wipers

    I use them because that's where I got the car from and it's really convenient as I drive past every day to and from work, but they do seem to be less than helpful at times, and other times they can't do enough. Depends on who you get on the desk or phone I suppose. Anyhoo, after reading more posts about this and seeing a list of parts somewhere (forgotten which thread, D'oh!), is it a DIY job or do I have to get Ford involved somewhere?
  12. Wipers

    I read this post and the next post on, the one with the stuff from ETIS: Does that mean that I can go to Allen's in Duston and say can you adjust my wipers as per the new ones and they will say, "yes sir, certainly sir, that will be £500 sir", or can I just get the bits and DIM?
  13. Fuel Cap

    Cheers iNath. I'll try that next time I see the car in daylight! As to the filler, it was only that one pump as far as I can tell, it worked fine at a different filling station. I did think about using the filler adapter, but only after I'd driven off in a huff!
  14. Fuel Cap

    I've noticed that the push-to-open fuel cap on my MK7 is getting a bit stiff and seems to have moved slightly so that it catches the edge furthest away from the hinge. Is it adjustable in anyway or is it about to break or fall off? Also, though not a problem, one of the diesel nozzles in Tesco in Rugby wouldn't go in, making me think that maybe some light fingered so and so had been at it and bent it, the filler that is, not the pump! It's not happened since at different pumps so it's probably a rouge one or something...