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  1. Yep, probably get in by a landslide!😀
  2. You could be right there. Seen other articles on this and similar topics and as we can see from the article, Amazon are involved in this. Nothing wrong with that as such, they are after all a commercial organisation out to make money. I can envisage Amazon's role in all this being to "mine" and analyse the data for use by themselves in developing software and other products, or to pass on to "big pharma" for future drug development etc. I have concerns that data (which is probably now the world's most valuable resource) is going to be passed on free or at minimal gain to the NHS, to enable Amazon and partners to develop those products to sell back to the NHS and others at great profit. I acknowledge that software and drug development is not cheap and the producers are entitled to a fair profit for their risk and investment. My worry with all this is that I suspect Amazon and their partners are a heck of a lot smarter than the NHS/Government and the balance of risk and reward may not be favourable to the NHS and ultimately the taxpayer. Or I may just be a cynical old so and so and Jeff Bezos is really Father Xmas - I see in another item that Amazon is intending to pass on the cost of France's 3% "digital tax" to the small French businesses that use the Marketplace platform, rather than take the hit itself.
  3. No, as mentioned earlier in the thread, I don't bother with it. It's really a matter of giving it a try and see what you think. These normally dull the throttle response and limit the fan speed in climate control. Some people seem to like it, some don't - personal preference. There was an enormously long thread on another forum I use (non-Ford) about the effectiveness of these. Around half the members were convinced eco mode saved them fuel, the other half said it made them use more fuel and they got better economy without by judicious use of the throttle. In the end it all got so heated the mods shut down the thread!😀 I
  4. That was one journey yesterday up the Dales. No traffic lights on that route, but plenty of hills, bends, tractors, dawdlers, etc so I did pretty well to average 40 for the journey! According to Trip 2 which has run from day 1 I had the car, I've averaged 34mph over 9149 miles.
  5. If we're talking cars in general, not a specific one, I would go for air con. No more draughts from open windows or leaky sunroofs, or misting up when it rains
  6. Ah, but I'm old fashioned and like filling in the crosswords with a pen!😀
  7. Well done, Tom. Very busy at my local polling station this morning, apparently. I voted ages ago as I have a postal ballot (in case we're away on polling day) so all those leaflets I've had since were definitely wasted on me. Thing I didn't like was the shop had run out of newspapers, the lady said there had been a lot of strangers in the village (presumably exit pollsters and so on) and they'd bought all the papers. She seemed a bit put out because "this is a local shop for local people" - no, I don't live in Royston Vasey!😀
  8. I'm not that keen on the smell of diesel or petrol - I try and stand upwind of the pump when I refuel! I did used to enjoy driving a torquey turbodiesel, but cannot justify having one nowadays, with my current low mileage.
  9. You can use them as you wish. I use Trip 1 to monitor each tankful, and have left Trip 2 running from new, showing the total. You can configure the info displayed on each Trip screen to some extent in the menu. Lousy pic below showing my Trip 1 - I only have 1 mpg reading showing which is the average from when values were last reset (in my case when I last fuelled the car). Yours may differ being a later model. Hours of fun (?) to be had playing with this stuff, I keep finding things after nearly 2 years!
  10. Deeply suspicious of Amazon, Google and the likes using data. What seems a bit odd about this is, if it's publicly available anyway, why was it necessary to sign a deal? I have seen suggestions that the deal allows Amazon to access "all healthcare information" held by the NHS including " symptoms, causes and definitions" but excluding info on specific patients. Amazon is allowed to use this information to "make, advertise and sell new products" but does not have to pay anything if it creates a moneyspinner eg, a new app or service using the data. So you can see what Amazon get out of it, but not clear what's in it for the NHS or the taxpayer. Seems odd to be giving them freebies when governments across the globe are now coming round to hitting them for taxes where they get their revenue, not where they are based for accounting purposes, e.g. Luxembourg. It seems there could also be a breach of EU rules on giving away public assets (in this case, data), so I suspect there is more to come out of the woodwork on this story.
  11. I clear Trip 1 at every fill up, but have kept Trip 2 running all the time I've had the car. That currently shows 47.9 over 9134 miles compared to 45.34 in my spreadsheet so actually pretty close overall. Quite often I fill up after a fairly low mileage, as I am often driving somewhere with few filling stations, so make sure I set off with a full tank "just in case". Could be that frequent small top ups confuse the computer a bit but it evens out over the long term😀
  12. Yes, same here, Bob, in some cases continuing to improve over a much longer period than that, though I did seem to notice it more with diesels
  13. Just looked at that guide - it's certainly correct for my constituency so probably will be for yours. All will be revealed when you get your voting slip, I suppose. Quite interested to see what happens here, we currently have a Conservative with a good majority (but only about half yours) but the constituency narrowly voted "remain" in the referendum, so the Lib Dems have been making a big push for that section of the vote. Such a bit push, in fact, that I've had to make an extra visit to the the recycling facility with all the leaflets. Unfortunately all parties seem to use similar shiny paper so it's no use in the loo!😀
  14. I got around 36mpg from my first tankful. The car was delivered at a time of heavy snow, which won't have helped, and I usually find with a new car the first couple of tanks give poor mpg as you get used to the car. After that, it's been pretty consistent mid-40's, very occasionally had it up to 53 or so on a gentle touring holiday. This is with a 140 with lower overall gearing of course, and while I stick to speed limits I don't bother with eco mode. I always calculate mpg per tankful using the brim to brim method and find the computer (on my car at least) very inaccurate, over or under reading apparently at random. For example, at my last fill the computer was indicating 37.7 since the previous fill, the actual figure was 42.5. On other cars I've found the computers usually over-estimate mpg by 10% or so, but not had one before like this that both over and under estimates as it sees fit!
  15. That's a good reason to go out and vote!. With the upsurge of tactical voting apps there's not really such a thing as a safe seat nowadays - surely there's someone you hate slightly less than the others - an independent candidate maybe or even the monster raving loony party! I've always been conscious of the efforts past generations made to get us all a vote (penalty of being brought up in a family that was politically aware), even dying for it, so I've always made the effort. If you really can't stomach voting for any of them (and I do sympathise with that view), then go spoil your paper by writing "none of the above" - at least it's a gesture. I believe in Australia this is actually an option on the ballot paper - dunno what would happen if "none of the above" got the most votes, though!😀 PS if we do wake up to a hung parliament composed of the same bunch as last time, I'm ready to volunteer to help with the hanging!