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  1. The 1 April list I've just downloaded shows wireless charging on X models, Vignale, and ST-3? The ST-3 is again showing the Driver Assistance Features that were not shown on the 26 March list. Baffling. I wonder if it's as simple as correcting one mistake and making another, so they correct that and........ So it goes on!๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Nothing at all from my first, same for my Mrs. Fingers crossed for No2!
  3. This is getting silly. We'll be signing up for daily updates next!๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Lol closer but you'd still be better posting in the "Ford Fiesta club" section when asking Fiesta specific questions.๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, further to my PM, pretty sure that the computer on the Edge only showed mpg,average speed and trip distance.
  5. Yeah, you can indeed, but you were talking about the Kamiq as an alternative to the Yeti (which did have a 4x4 option) - the Kamiq doesn't.๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Yes, I suppose so. Just lacks that quirky appeal that the Yeti had, plus there's no 4x4 option for anyone wanting that.
  7. Further mystery. After changing the battery above, next time I got into and started the car "Key Battery Low" came up again, so I swapped it again, thinking it must have been a dud. Was just testing the batteries out of curiosity though, wondering how far the voltage has to drop to trigger the warning. They're a nominal 3v battery, but the ones originally in the keys were showing 2.8v, remaining new ones still in my pack are showing 3.3v. Funny thing is, the one I thought might be a dud is also showing 3.3v - wonder if I'd got a fingermark or something on it when changing it, rather
  8. Yes, as Mark says, we in the UK are one ahead of most other markets in our terminology. Started when the Mk 4 was so heavily facelifted/improved it became known as Mk 5 here, while most other markets would have called it Mk 4 facelift or Mk 4.5. Always a good idea to use additional methods of identification when ordering parts etc, such as year, Reg No, VIN.
  9. Indeed. Looking at the latest VW Group cars lately, Skoda seem to me to have more of a "premium" feel than VW and Audi these days. Karoq is a bit big for our needs now, if they'd come up with a closer replacement for the Yeti with a decent engine choice, we could well have been interested. I've generally found VW infotainment systems preferable to Ford (not that I use them much, anyway). I have seen a fair few comments (not all favourable!) on the latest MIB 3 infotainment system as fitted to the Karoq on various sites (including www.briskoda.net and www.volkswagenforum.co.uk).
  10. Yes, very sad news. I was born the year HM came to the throne so I think I will feel her loss even more when the time comes.
  11. Was cleaning mine recently and it didn't appear easily detachable. Spotted your thread about stainless trims from Ebay for your Focus which look good - I'd be inclined to source something on there, tbh.
  12. Latest brochure downloadable from Ford website dated October 2020 states discs all round. All the photos I've seen show rear discs and ones I've seen locally (quite popular with small businesses) have been identical to my ST-Line (except for the rear windows etc) and had the same (pretty small!) rear discs. Of course, like all manufacturers Ford deserves the right to change specs without notice. Wouldn't have thought they'd downgrade the brakes, though?
  13. Yes, I think I read somewhere that the whole MHEV system adds 30kg or less to the total weight. I also remember the Mk 2 as having a very good ride. Perhaps it's because it's nearly 10 years since I had one and the roads have deteriorated a heck of a lot since then!
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