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  1. 👍Good review there, Darren. I'm wondering, if I were to go for another Fiesta in future, whether an Active would be a better choice for our third world roads, than another ST-L, so your comments are very interesting - many thanks.
  2. Yes, bit off topic but similar theme, there's obviously some imbalance in freight flows at the moment. I live quite near the ECML and always take an interest in what's going on. On 3 occasions recently I've seen a convoy of Freightliner locomotives being towed. They are far too new to be needing heavy repairs or being scrapped, so it made me think there must be a lot of unbalanced freight workings and they were being repositioned.
  3. Yes, that's just like mine, but I get it on the left side only. Looks like raindrops - but on the inside! Bit weird - I've obviously seen condensation in cars over the years, but like a mist, nothing like this.
  4. Can't speak for your GP practice, obviously, but been in mine recently for annual review of my heart condition and was very impressed with the measures taken to safeguard patients and staff. And they arranged for us to have flu jabs at our local pharmacist, so didn't need to visit the surgery for that.
  5. Seen various articles on this and it seems a very complicated story. On the one hand it seems semiconductor manufacture was scaled down on the assumption that the industries which consume them would cut production due to coronavirus. But it seems many sectors have bounced back quicker than anticipated. Then demand overall seems to be shooting up, and there are applications I'd never even dreamed of. Apparently there is vast demand to produce devices used in "mining" bitcoins, which need tremendous computing capacity. Chinese supply does seem to have been hit by US sanctions against H
  6. I just love those German sausages. A place we have stayed a couple of times in Northumberland has a German themed cafe opposite. Don't see the connection but they do lovely bratwurst. Not good for the waistline though!😃
  7. Yeah, I've got a couple of those in my Mrs's car. Looks like I might need to get a couple more! Still, winter+lockdown can't last forever!😃
  8. Don't know if you've spotted @zain611's thread with info on that and lots of other good stuff? https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/97539-mk65-fiesta-zetec-s-upgrades/
  9. Yes, lots of coverage in the financial pages of the mainstream press. Seems car makers are scrabbling to compete with other technology companies (mobiles, computers etc) for finite supplies of chips. Is there any wonder us oldies are nostalgic for the days when a car was a relatively simple mechanical device! Still seem to be good supplies of proper chips, and mushy peas, on sale in the shops though!
  10. Just had first drive in the car for over a week and found lots of condensation. Thought it was on the outside at first as it's raining here, but no, very wet on the inside, upper left of the screen, as before, and as the OP reported at the start of this thread. Can't find any trace of damp elsewhere, so assuming it's a product of car being left for days on end, very heavy overnight frosts, and the area in question is the very last place to be reached by the sun (if we have any). Have left a de-humidifier (not an electric one!, one of the little tubs of absorbent material sold for a pound
  11. Been a few similar reports to that. Apparently it takes 2-3 weeks to achieve a level of immunity so reports like that are not helpful. Given the time it takes from infection to developing serious symptoms, the lady concerned, and other cases mentioned in similar reports, would have already had it before being vaccinated, so sadly too late for them.
  12. Lol, no, you need to need some good quality Axminster or Wilton for best protection!😃
  13. Ha ha, yes. Trouble is garages have stayed the same size and cars have got a LOT bigger. I lined our garage with offcuts of old rugs, carpet, etc, years ago, which does the trick!😀
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