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  1. Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk7 Fogs/DRL on a Style trim? Mrs doesn't do that in a year!😀
  2. Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 Fiesta St Line X - Further Issues

    Thanks for the update, glad you got some progress, though surprised at the cut and shut on the brackets. I'll have another good look at my bonnet when I get chance though as I've got a narrowing gap at the offside rear the rubber stop trick might not work. I may just leave well alone provided there remains no actual rubbing!
  3. Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    But you need to remember the old saying: Q: "How do you know a politician is lying?" A: " Their lips move" 😀
  4. Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    Well, it might explain that guy, but not the rest I come across who are mostly driving cars. Coincidentally my brother in law has been a delivery driver for over 30 years and certainly doesn't drive that way. As he says, taking risks when driving doesn't actually get you there any quicker and is not worth risking your licence, losing your job (and worse).
  5. Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    I didn't like the way a UPS van just overtook me while I was executing a right turn in a 20mph zone!😡 Seems to be something about my current car that attracts d***heads who enjoy suicidal overtakes. Must be something about Ford's shade of red - I've had several red cars in the past but none seem to have had this effect!
  6. Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 ST-Line locked out

    Yes, It'll be most interesting to see the answer! Possibly your mate could well be onto something with the laptop though. Don't know if you have keyless entry as well, but either way electronic devices in close proximity can confuse the remote ( they confuse me, but that's another issue😀).
  7. Eric Bloodaxe

    Mk8 ST-Line locked out

    Presumably you had disabled the stop start system for the engine to keep running? Never experienced what you describe, but have had the reverse - the car refusing to lock. I realised eventually that when I pulled up to park the engine had stopped due to the start stop, but I had not physically turned it off by pressing the button. A friend has had similar experiences with her Evoque. Personally I would never get out of my car with the engine running (your insurance won't pay up if someone jumps in and nicks it) and I always keep the key on my person not in the car so I remember where I've put it. Hope you manage to work out what you did under controlled conditions, but if not it looks like a dealer visit. According to the manual, cars with keyless start will shut down automatically if idling for "an extended period" which it sounds like yours was. Amazing thing with wives not being there when needed, same happened to me a few years ago. I locked the keys in the boot when visiting my Mum, having already locked the doors. Rang home - no wife. Ended up forking out £50 for a taxi home/back to get spare keys, so lesson learned!😀
  8. Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    They all seem to be at it. Over the last couple of months I''ve been literally bombarded with calls from a number I didn't recognise. When this happens we screen calls via the answerphone but this one hung up as soon as the answerphone message started. Checking the number on the web it turns out to be a number belonging to the group who own the dealer where I bought my previous car. Then they started leaving messages to say that it was really, really urgent that they speak to me about my car, which I just ignore. I sold it 18 months ago, btw😁.
  9. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Yes, that's correct. When I do have the complete wobbler, my camera still picks up what signs are visible (I've posted in another thread a shot of one in my village which is in a hedge, and it's not the only one round here!) What fascinates/baffles me is the different way the system behaves depending on what route I take. As I've said, the area where I have the big issue is Wensleydale, but NEVER when going north, only heading home southward. If you look on a map, I have 2 potential routes back from our caravan park which is just north of Hawes. In both cases, A684 from Hawes to Leyburn, then: a) A6108 via Masham and Ripon to join A1M near Boroughbridge. Occasionally see the Ghostbusters symbol but everything keeps working normally, so never been a problem. b) Continue on A684 from Leyburn to Bedale and join A1M there. Sometimes we have done the journey with no problem at all, sometimes with the Ghostbusters symbol but no other issues and sometimes (about 1 journey in 3) it loses the plot completely as I have mentioned in other posts. If this happens it has ALWAYS started in exactly the same place, the new roundabout where the Bedale by-pass leaves the A684. Very weird stuff. I had even wondered if it was anything to do with the number of military installations round there, e.g. Catterick Garrison, RAF Leeming and Topcliffe, but we drove past Fylingdales the other week with no issues, so probably not! There is a lot of military flying in the area, including the USAF 48th Fighter Wing which come up from Lakenheath for a spot of low level practice. I remember the stories my Dad used to tell me about "friendly fire" from US planes during WW2, so have an irrational fear of an F15 getting missile lock!.
  10. Eric Bloodaxe

    Exhaust filter full

    This has cropped up in other topics also. When I first read about gpf's I got the impression that they would be no big deal compared to the diesel version, probably won't even notice etc, etc. So far though it seems as if re-gen is coming up far earlier and more frequently than the various technical write-ups seemed to suggest. As with diesel, the "fix" seems to be to do more driving which given the object was to reduce pollution seems counter-intuitive. Or maybe it's all a dastardly plot to get us into electric cars?😡
  11. Eric Bloodaxe

    Things I Don't Like

    Got me worried when I spotted this, until I checked with and realised it only applies to photocard licences. As I've still got the parchment version, apparently I don't have to do it until I hit 70 (which is now rather sooner than I'd like😀).
  12. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Well, I can live with the Ghostbusters symbol as long as everything keeps working - mainly the TSR and associated speed alert as I've mentioned. We don't worry too much about the actual sat-nav anyway, after all these years I can find my way to most places in Britain without needing a map and - as she has frequently reminded me for the last 30 years - the Mrs got top grades in Geography O and A level (I didn't, as you might guess😀!). Been out again this afternoon after a switch off and restart, so needless to say, no problems at all this time.
  13. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    More weirdness..... Been driving round locally this morning, done 50 miles or so, and as I got within half mile of home the Ghostbusters symbol came up which has never happened near home before. Map and TSR kept working normally though and a beautiful morning with not a cloud so would've thought reception would be spot on. I ran the diagnostics as soon as I parked up at home which showed I was picking up 16 satellites, so 😱. This does not look good for my "only happens in one place" theory!😀
  14. Eric Bloodaxe

    Focus mk4 Ecoboost oil pressure problem

    Yes, I'm liking the Mk 4 the more I see it, though it does seem quite dependent on the right colour/spec - but then, aren't most cars?😀 Looking forward to seeing what the ST is like! Anyway, so looking like a batch of faulty switches rather than the mass failure we feared. Still poor quality control somewhere though.
  15. Eric Bloodaxe

    Focus evolution threads

    Further thoughts on this after sleeping on it. I use other forums where this is the norm and find it easier to specifically target searches etc. However as mentioned above there is already a lot of content on the forums so a huge job in sorting it out. Perhaps it could be made compulsory to include model series in the tags or as @TomsFocus suggests, include another field for this, which would make searches etc easier?