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  1. Ah, but then you'd miss the challenge!😀 That looks a lot sturdier than the modern ones!
  2. They are, shall we say, quite robust. I was doing a search for can opener recommendations on the web this morning and in one or two product reviews, the FAQ's actually included "will It open a Fray Bentos pie?"😀
  3. Don't like our can opener failing to open a Fray Bentos steak pie just now😡. Had to take it out to the garage and get the tools on it. Can anyone recommend a REALLY good manual can opener?
  4. Been using a SanDisk 8gb USB stick for music for over 12 months in the Mk 8 with no issues - used the same one in 4 different cars (3 Ford) previously over a 10 year period - all with no problems.
  5. 👍 much easier to copy music onto a usb stick than mess around swapping stereos. I've used the same stick (to which I've added extra albums from time to time) in a Mk 2.5 Focus, a Mk 7 Fiesta, a C-Max, a SEAT Leon and now the Mk 8 Fiesta.
  6. As @TomsFocus mentions, I believe it's the same basically, but as with the 125ps version of the 1.0 the Focus is mapped to produce a little more torque as standard than in the Fiesta. As an aside, now the Mk 8 Fiesta has the stronger 6 speed box, I do wonder why the mapping can't be the same as the Focus - that extra bit of torque would be handy!
  7. They do a bluefin for the 140ps Fiesta but the 140ps Focus is not mentioned on the website. Might be worth enquiring?
  8. Hi Adam, assume you mean the 1.25? Question has been asked many times on here (searclh "1.25 tuning" and loads of threads come up), but basically as a non turbo engine there is not a lot to be achieved and any mods will of course affect your insurance. Better, I would suggest, to upgrade to an Ecoboost engined Fiesta when you are able, which would give you more power to start with.
  9. Mine too! Had a few 'boxes on and off Cortinas and Escorts back in the day but things seem a lot more complicated now - but a fascinating project to follow. As a reference, I think Pumaspeed offer this conversion at something like £1600 parts/£2050 fully fitted. Wow!
  10. As long as the GPS features I find useful (TSR/speed alert) keep operating as they have for the last 6 months, I'm not going to worry about it either!😀 Intrigued about this file that seems to be trying to download though - if it ever completes I'll post an update.
  11. No earth shattering news, but a couple of points I've found "interesting"😀 a) I mentioned this in one of the many other threads re:GPS. Although Wi-Fi updates apparently doesn't work in the UK, I left it enabled in my car just to see if anything ever did happen. Since 30 March, every time I switch on the car while it's in range of Wi-Fi, a message comes up "Downloading new system update". If I do a "search for new updates" it comes up with "Downloading JR3T-14G391-AD-131059_tar.gz". So I'm just waiting to see if anything does happen on that one - from Sync 3 posts I've seen elsewhere I think I've seen that file number mentioned before. b) Just made our second journey of the season up Wensleydale and back, again with no GPS issues so TSR/speed alert kept working perfectly, but that enabled us to see that the new Bedale bypass which opened in August 2016, is not on the map. The cursor actually shows the correct location, but there's no road beneath it at that point. So the mapping was apparently already well out of date when I got the car. Of course, no idea why the GPS behaviour has changed.
  12. Seen various press reports that the Puma name is to be revived, but this time on a Fiesta based small sporty SUV - a sort of Nissan Juke rival. Impressions I've seen look quite good, there is to be a mild hybrid 1.0 ecoboost powertrain with 153ps which looks interesting. What caught my attention though was the mention of the possibility of a full ST version with the 200ps 1.5. Not sure if I like the Puma name being re-used this way though - what do others think?
  13. Great job! Look forward to further instalments!
  14. No, it makes you wonder how long it takes these people to decide what to order in a restaurant?😀