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  1. And several other topics...... I do wonder if the problem is the search facility on the site (assuming people do try to search first before starting a topic again). I usually find it easier to use a search engine such as Google, etc, and include the term "Ford Owners Club" along with the subject I'm looking for, rather than search directly on here.
  2. Ah. Found this. (Broadband back on!😀) Apparently the Crayford was known as the Fiesta Fly. https://www.projectbobcat.com/history/ford-fiesta-cabriolet
  3. Lol, you're all heart, Stephen! But I've never heard of that one - any more info?
  4. I guess that's a Crayford conversion?? Seen a few for sale over the years. Something went wrong with my previous post - up the Dales at our caravan at the mo and the broadband is not the best!
  5. One of the hairdressers*** in my village drives........a TT!😀 Always thought it was a bit unfair on the MX5 though, which is a nice handling little car and, well, if you want a reasonably priced sports car there's not much else, really. *** We have 3 for some reason. Must be a hairy lot round our way!😀
  6. Only thing I found particularly interesting in a recent edition of Autocar was this! https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/mst/mk2 Some very tasty stuff on the MST website: https://mst-cars.com/models/
  7. Hi Justin, Looks interesting - what's the spec? You certainly don't. This reminds me that one of my friends maintains he had a Mk1 1300GT Estate which he bought off his brother in law who worked in management at Ford. Supposedly only a few were built to test the concept but never sold as a regular production model. My mate had recently sold the car by the time I first met him so I never saw it. I've no reason to doubt my mate's word, but I've never found any info about it. Anyone know more? - I know they later looked at the idea of a Mexico estate and AVO built 2 or 3.
  8. Very long thread on this here: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/98500-ecoboost-low-oil-pressure/
  9. Yeah, it's maximum 12 months interval on a Mk 7.5. As you may have seen, there are several very long threads on here about problems with 1.0 ecoboosts where changes have been neglected or wrong oil used, so you're right to do it asap. Sounds as if you know what you're doing, so at least you'll save the labour costs!😀
  10. Annual for a Mk 7.5. The 18 months/18k applies to the Mk 8.
  11. Presumably you have confirmation that the warranty has transferred to you? Assuming that's ok, you need to check carefully the warranty conditions. It's usual for them to specify that any work must be carried out by the dealer from whom you purchased the vehicle, or "any reputable VAT registered dealer", or words to that effect, at the intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
  12. Some general stuff on this thread: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/128065-general-things-to-look-out-on-a-fiesta-2010/ As Luke says, I'd be very wary of a diesel thats averaged only 4 miles a week for 5 years. Other things to look out for on a little used car are cracked/perished tyres and corroded brake discs, though hopefully these would have been picked up at MoT and corrected.
  13. Sounds interesting, Guy. If you've not been already, the Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds is well worth a visit and tells a similar story about the fight against cholera.
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