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  1. Amazon usually have it but I see its currently unavailable and they can't say if/when it may be back in stock. I always get a touch up kit when I take delivery of a car, but I've had so many stone chips on this car I may need another kit soon. Or at this rate, perhaps a complete respray!😀
  2. Yes, I think Wilco @JW1982 pretty much nails it there. Most of the issues we've seen on here (other than the hose, etc, problems) relate to cars where the previous service history is not fully known, or even where the owner admits that regular servicing has not been carried out on time/with specified oil, etc. I remember the old Hillman Imp having a terrible reputation back in the 60's and 70's. In retrospect I wonder if that was really the fault of the car or neglectful owners who were used to cast iron BMC A-Series and non-crossflow Fords at the time, rather than the relatively sophisticated unit in the Imp. The ecoboost triple seemed to me like a similar technology leap over current small car powerplants when it first appeared.
  3. There's not a lot of engine braking anyway these days on downsized petrol turbos, many of which are now incorporating "freewheeling", though hybrids and electrics can have a strong braking effect on regen. Anyway, I digress (as usual). You may already be familiar with autos, but if not I think it's down to trying it for yourself, either by getting test drives (which can be difficult at present I know) or why not book a session with a local driving school which does lessons in automatics? Could be a few pounds well spent rather than buy a car and find you're not happy. I've never owned an auto but driven quite a few over the years and the most important advice I would give is tuck your left foot well out of the way until you get used to it. It's amazing how "muscle memory" makes you want to hit the clutch when you come to a stop, and as the brake pedal in an auto is wide, you hit that instead and stop rather more abruptly than intended!😀 Normal driving I've always found no problem, slow speed manoeuvring can take a bit of getting used to depending on the extent to which the car "creeps" with your foot off the throttle - you just need to be ready with the brake.
  4. There seems to be a similar confusion on VW forums at present. The facelift Polo GTI is going from a 6 speed to a 7 speed DSG (as VW call it). The Polo GTI 6 speed was a wet clutch, no-one seems sure about the 7 speed, but everyone is hoping it's a wet clutch (as used in the Golf GTI) not the dry clutch which was used in lower torque cars and did have issues. No doubt someone will be able to clarify it in due course - it will be interesting if they are in fact basically the same (Magna) box. With the various tie-ups between Ford and VW and the drive by all manufacturers to cut costs on "the bits you don't see" it could make sense. Getrag/Magna have been used by BMW/Mini for years and the new fwd 1 series certainly uses the Magna in lower powered versions, though the 8 speed torque converter box on the higher power/torque outputs is from Aisin I believe.
  5. That's a very good point. I often find the person I might be with complains of something being too loud when I think it's quiet, or vice versa, so we obviously pick up sounds differently. Things also change as you get older or have suffered illness, of course. I often complain in posts about road noise which I blame on the road surfaces round here, but have wondered if it is, in fact, me. But no, just back from a week in Norfolk where (in comparison) the roads were almost silent - like driving a completely different (and much quieter) car!
  6. Might be worth taking the opportunity to have a good think about your needs and what you really want from a car, possibly thinking of other brands? Of my friends who were previously long term Ford owners, only one (who has replaced her Fiesta Active with another) has stuck with Ford. The rest have defected to VW, Volvo, Honda, Suzuki and Toyota. The latter 3 brands seem to have been very good reliability wise in their experience. But yes, as @unofix suggests, I don't think the 100% fault free car exists, though you can get lucky sometimes!😀
  7. Difficult to avoid as Ford petrol turbos are all branded "ecoboost" but I guess you mean the 1.0?😀 I had a Mk 2 C-Max for a while. That had the 182ps version of the 1.6 Ecoboost but I didn't think it offered a great advantage over the 150ps in that car. I did feel a 2.0 diesel would have suited the C-Max better, if it would work for your circumstances. I had a 140ps 2.0TDCI Focus for about 3 years and that was fine.
  8. Search on here is not great, tbh, to search this site you're better off using Google or other search engine and just including "Ford Owners Club" in your search parameters. This thread includes just about everything: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/73775-10-fiesta-ecoboost-mountune-m-r-165-modifications-thread/ Also this old thread comes up: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/27172-fitting-side-skirts/ Googling (or whatever) also brings up various "how to" videos on You Tube etc.
  9. Yes, those figures don't look good. Maybe that's why they're thinking of taking statins as well? Self assembly ones from Ikea, of course😀
  10. Hey guys, I know we're having a laugh here but I wouldn't want yet another ant-vax type scare to be triggered!😀 There are around 7 million people on statins in the UK, many of them, like myself, for reasons of stroke and heart attack prevention due to the effects of statins in reducing the risk of blood clotting. The study I mentioned suggested that they may be helpful in reducing Covid mortality for that reason, blood clotting being a common complication of Covid. The study, which was carried out in Sweden, did show that those on statins have lower Covid mortality, but whether this is directly due to the statins, or is because those taking statins are generally older (and thus more likely to have been fully vaccinated), is not yet clearly established imo. It's an interesting one though and it could see statins being added to the armoury of Covid treatments in due course.
  11. Still seeing no evidence of lower mpg on E10. Just filled up again and this time my mpg was 51.96.
  12. I'm on statins like many others, no doubt. I see in the news today there may be a hidden bonus as a study suggests they could reduce your chances of dying from Covid by up to 12%.
  13. Mine didn't seem to like it either, but having had this "aid" on various cars I just ignore it and change when I judge appropriate, as I have for the last 50 odd years. I think most members on here do likewise.
  14. Never knew that- thought it was ST only, never seen a mention of it in reviews of other versions. Is it the "sound symposer" used in the ST and is that on both 150 and 182ps models? If so presumably deleting it would be a similar procedure to the ST?
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