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  1. No need, John. All this has served as a useful reminder of why I've been perfectly happy with three pedals these last 50 years or so!😃
  2. It does make you wonder how much individual cars vary. Andrew and Martin are pretty clear that they feel Sport makes a difference, while the video guy obviously doesn't. I've rarely noticed much difference in "normal" cars I've had with selectable modes, other than Eco which, like Andrew, I find a bit "meh" and never bother with. I did notice a difference in the Hyundai I mentioned above, though and also in a Polo GTI I drove recently, which perked up a bit in Sport. It's always seemed a bit odd to me that regen is higher in Sport - might have expected that in Eco? I've never found anything more from Ford other than the (spectacularly unhelpful) comments in the owner manual and the general "blurb" and video on their website explaining how MHEV works. Given that they seem to highlight the modes as a feature, I agree it would have been useful to tell us a bit more about what they actually do to make your drive more "sporty" or "eco".
  3. For gazers of the supermarket magazine shelves, very interesting article in this weeks Autocar. It makes quite a convincing argument that the best thing environmentally would be to keep cars longer. The financial/environmental model on which the article is based is a 20-25 year life cycle on a manufacturer lease basis for the first 20 then either resold to the private market for its remaining useful life or dismantled and recycled. Major refurbishments would take place at 4/5 years intervals. The argument is that an ICE car to Euro 7 regulations could have twice the useful life of an EV with a lower overall emissions footprint A very interesting read, whatever your views on ICE vs EV.
  4. Quite possible, given that the camera seems to be positioned so as to attract water and dirt if the road has the slightest hint of damp!😀 It's really only useful when it's completely dry.
  5. Also, not a million miles from Merseyside, this outfit has had a few positive mentions on here: https://northwestengines.co.uk
  6. Hi Barry, Sorry to see that, but there are many threads on here on the subject, unfortunately, eg:
  7. Yes it is. They're obviously determined to eliminate private cars from anywhere within a 200 mile radius of a city, public transport is on strike/non-existent/not built yet (e.g. HS2), but we can safeguard our future mobility by keeping up our personal fitness and stocking up on stout walking shoes before they are also found to be unfriendly to the environment.😀
  8. Probably the latter!😀 Pretty thorough guide to EU Standards here: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/emissions/euro-emissions-standards/ Bearing in mind the earliest Euro 5 cars are already 12 years old or more, I guess it depends how much future you think an older car has got left!
  9. The handbook only gives fairly unhelpful advice such as: SPORT - EXCLUDING: ST  Vehicle settings suited for sportier driving. Note: Auto-start-stop could switch off when you select this mode. From my few test drives in mhev Pumas, and comments from owners, Sport increases the amount of regenerative braking. I didn't notice a great difference, tbh, but I drove diesels for many years so I guess it just felt like "engine braking" which I was used to. Some owners on here have commented that the regen was quite fierce, though, so I wonder if individual cars vary. Otherwise sport modes generally sharpen the accelerator response and weight up the steering a little. Again, I rarely notice a great difference unless driving something a bit more serious with adjustable suspension settings. (I've had a couple of test drives recently in a Hyundai i30N Performance with a!most infinitely adjustable settings and you could definitely tell the difference in that!😀.) Afaik Eco is the same as in non mhev cars, dulls down throttle response, reduced blower speed in climate control, etc.
  10. When driving an auto (which are predominantly dual clutch these days), I still tend to apply the "handbrake" and slip it into neutral for a prolonged stop, just as I would with a manual. During accompanied test drives, I've often had sales staff say there's no need, just leave it in D and keep your foot on the brake. I still see this as bad practice on a dual clutch box as to me it's the same as holding the clutch down for an extended period on a manual. Or am I just old fashioned?😀
  11. Yes, second run of S1600 was 2011, Metal ran as part of the normal range from early 2012 until the facelift iirc.
  12. Yes, as mentioned in other threads - had Duracells (or were they?) fail in days. Now using Energizer in key fobs. Originals had lasted 3 years as Unofix suggests.
  13. As earlier post in this thread revs at indicated 70 should be around 3100-3200 so either the ratios are wrong or there is clutch slip. This is the Fiat 500 based Ka so wonder if they slipped in a different used box from a Fiat or even Abarth version? It sounds as if the car is only recently purchased so I'd be inclined to raise it with the seller.
  14. Yes, I've looked in on your other thread. On alternatives, there seem to be about as many 1.6 Titaniums as Zetec S on AutoTrader, if you don't mind slightly less sporty looks. Also some Metal and S1600 versions around - the Metal and S1600 (second run - the first just had cosmetic changes) have 134bhp. Looking at STs will open up more recent and certainly more expensive cars, but is quite a step up in performance. (Or is that the cunning plan to fool your partner - "Sorry, I tried really hard to get a slower car but just couldn't find one and had to make do with this ST instead"!😀)
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