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  1. Eric Bloodaxe

    Ka+ - any experiences/views?

    Thanks. My understanding was that the Mk 2 Ka used the Fiat underpinnings and the current Ka+ was on a cut down Fiesta chassis assembled in India? What I am trying to find is actual experience of anyone who owns or has driven one, but they don't seem to have actually sold many, which may tell us something!
  2. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Some sat-navs do work better than Sync 3! Card I received for my recent birthday made me smile 😃
  3. The Mrs had a Mk1 Ka for 7 years or so before it succumbed to rust and has expressed interest in the Ka+ which, as a larger 5 door car, seems a completely different proposition to the original. Can't seem to find much about it and wondered if anyone on here had one or had tried one and had any views or feedback? Thanks.
  4. Eric Bloodaxe

    1.6 EcoBoost Remap 150->182PS

    If I remember correctly the two versions have similar torque (around 177lb ft) and the benefit of the extra bhp is largely felt after 4,000rpm and clips the 0-60 time by around half a sec, maybe a bit more. I had a C-Max with the 182ps for a while and really it was no benefit in a car like that. I have however driven a Zetec S Focus with the 182 which went very nicely, so could be worthwhile depending on how you like to drive😀
  5. Eric Bloodaxe

    2018 New Focus

    The 1.5 litre petrol is a 3 cylinder unit and I understand the autobox is a torque convertor.
  6. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Spotted a thread on (I think) Mk3 RS owners forum where the consensus seemed to be that Sync 3 nav performed worse than earlier versions. Most of the guys on there seemed to have given up on it and were using Waze through their phones. Interesting that on various of Ford's own websites they now seem to be promoting the use of Waze through car play for i-phone, or Android auto for others. Have seen somewhere in one of the car mags that Waze may be incorporated in Sync as standard in future, presumably at that point they will ditch their own sat nav.
  7. Yes, the average mpg reading is very strange. I've found in the past that these things generally overstate average mpg by 10% or so, but never had one that goes up and down for no apparent reason like this one does. So basically I just ignore it and use the brim to brim method to accurately calculate mpg. Speaking of which, I've just filled up again after returning from a holiday in Norfolk and found my mpg (brim to brim of course!) was a best yet of 53.6 so pleased with that😀
  8. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    Hi @Leonar07, nope, no problems with screen which switches between "day" and "night" view according to light level, as it should. Not experienced any flickering. Issues on this thread mainly concern GPS signal on the Fiesta Mk 8.
  9. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    I wonder what they will do with the cars they take back? If they put them on the second hand market through Ford Direct for example, they could have the same problem again -- they'd still be under warranty, unless they could specifically sell them as not having say nav?
  10. Filled up my 140 the other day when the warning light came on after doing 363 miles. So far (6 months/4,000 miles) I have not seen less than 40mpg or more than 47, generally It is around 44-45. My driving is mostly single carriageway A/B roads where I get little opportunity to use 6th, but don't often get caught in heavy traffic either.
  11. Eric Bloodaxe

    Fiesta Mk8 Satnav GPS issues / fault

    @Mavroz Thanks for the update. Am I reading it wrong, or are Ford seriously offering to accept cars back and refund payments - seems uncharacteristically generous of them if so! Update on my car - made it's first trip outside our usual Yorkshire stamping ground with a holiday in Norfolk, travelling down and back via Humber Bridge (enjoying a bacon and egg bap from the van in the country park as we usually do when passing that way!) and Lincolnshire. No issues with GPS during either journey or 10 days we were down there, except for a few minutes in deepest Norfolk when "no GPS" came up. (Locals told us that all forms of reception - TV, mobile etc - are hopeless in that area). So it's looking like, for me, it may be a reception issue in a few areas, rather than a problem with the car as such. Mind you, I was under the impression that these things should work anywhere, but as I've reported previously I've found that where the GPS in the car won't work, then neither will other devices eg Google maps on the mobile.
  12. Eric Bloodaxe

    What is this unused stud?

    Ah, could well be. Trying to get a better look this morning but pic below is best I could do, very tight down there. Does look more like it could be used for something like a sensor rather than a plain stud though. Anyway, at least I feel more reassured that nothing has dropped off! Thanks @sioneon.
  13. Eric Bloodaxe

    What is this unused stud?

    Just doing an underbonnet check and spotted something I'd not noticed before. It's a threaded brass? stud in the left (when standing in front of the car) side of the airbox, which hopefully you can see in the pics. No sign of anything missing or having been attached and I assume the airbox is common to this engine in other applications where the stud may have a purpose. There are loads of ecoboost pics on here but couldn't find one showing this - they mostly show coolant pipes for obvious reasons😀. l
  14. Eric Bloodaxe

    Anyone getting the new ST?

    Good to hear, Alex - many thanks for that😀
  15. Eric Bloodaxe

    Anyone getting the new ST?

    Just popped into my usual dealer this morning and had a quick poke around in an ST-2 in the showroom, mainly to try the seats as I'm not overly thrilled with those in my current ST-Line. Found the back ok, but the base very tight around the hips and I'm not particularly broad in build. The seats and to some extent the suspension out me off the previous version, so I look forward to a decent test drive when my dealer puts on a demonstrator. (I know it's not a limo, but I found that the previous version bounced around so much it forced me to slow down on some roads, which rather defeats the object of having a sporty car.) In the meantime any feedback from those who have already taken delivery would be greatly appreciated, particularly on the comfort/ride aspects. Hanging off also to see if any nasties appear with the new 1.5, don't want to see a repeat of the 1.0 ecoboost coolant issues for instance!