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  1. Yeah, there's quite a lengthy thread on this somewhere. When I got mine and was advised about the service intervals, I asked what changes had been made to the engine or oil specification to permit the longer interval and was told "nothing". As you will know from your previous Audi, VW Group also do something similar but they use a different (expensive!) oil for cars on the extended service interval.
  2. Unless something has altered since I got mine, first recommended change would be at 18,000 miles/2 years whichever comes first. Had mine changed while it was in for the 12 month convenience check, several other members have done likewise.
  3. My 2 year is due late Feb. I guess I won't be going there, then!😀
  4. The local garage where I now get my wife's SEAT done charges about £4/litre less than the main dealer did. I often wonder at the unit prices on service invoices and if it's just made up to come to the total quoted price for the service anyway. For example they always seem to charge you for screen washer top up even if the reservoir is full! - though to be fair I've often found a full bottle of screenwash left in the car when I've picked it up. I've asked (tongue in cheek) if I can have a price reduction instead but been told it's included in the standard price anyway.
  5. I've used the same USB stick in 2 Mk 7 Fiestas (one Sony, one Ford radio), a Mk 2.5 Focus (Sony) and now my Mk 8 Fiesta (Ford Sync 3). I have had the odd connection problem with the ports as Ron suggests, mainly I think because I didn't leave the stick in all the time. I've left it plugged in my current car in the port which is in the centre console storage compartment, no issues so far after 20 months. Edit-ps: I've searched eBay etc in the past for blanking plugs to keep dust out of USB ports, without success. Anyone know of a good source?
  6. Very much agree with this. My Mrs's SEAT Mii is only usually driven on short runs of 4/5 miles and only gets a few mpg more than the Fiesta. On the odd occasion I've used it on a decent run, such as when I've been between cars (as when waiting 6 months for the Fiesta😡) it shoots up well into the 50's. I think whether the engine gets good and warm can have more influence than driving technique. I've just been up the Dales to our caravan which is 70 miles or so on the kind of roads I described earlier. I filled up before I set off on Monday, drove up in a very relaxed way and glanced at the trip when I got there - average mpg 49.0. Came back this morning which was lovely and sunny, roads pretty clear, and had a bit of a blast - wide throttle, lots of revs (Mrs not with me!😀). Checked the trip again on arriving home and average mpg was..........49.0.
  7. Very difficult to comment on someone else's mpg as we all drive in different places and have different styles. Being retired I don't drive much in slow heavy traffic these days, and rarely get much chance to use motorways and dual carriageways. Most of my driving is on single lane A/B roads, where I often need to accelerate hard in 2nd/3rd to get past caravans, HGVs, tourist coaches, farm vehicles, groups of mamils, dawdling sightseers, etc, etc. Under those conditions I mostly get mid 40's (measured using the "brim to brim" method). Worst I've seen was 36, best I've ever had was 53 a couple of times on a gentle touring holiday with the Mrs watching. My car has definitely loosened off over time, (still only done 9,000 though), but I've seen no change in mpg, I suspect because I just drive it a bit harder.
  8. A massive thread on this subject as you can see, which hopefully will give you all the info needed. Unfortunately you can't replace the pipes individually. If you can post a pic of your pipes I'm sure some members who have experienced the problem will be able to advise the best course of action.
  9. Spotted this thread on the Fiesta ST forum - might give some ideas.
  10. My Mrs's car was pre-registered by the dealer because it didn't have this feature. Iirc TPMS became mandatory on cars sold from 1 November 2014 so most late 64 plate and certainly all 15 plate should have it.
  11. I must say my own GP practice is very good, our friends' (obviously) weren't and we had some appalling experiences with my late mum's practice. On the other hand, I have a very good pal who now lives in Newcastle and I have to say his treatment up there, through 3 seperate (and very rare) cancers has been absolutely magnificent. So like most things, I guess, it's a bit of a lottery/matter of luck!
  12. That looks more pronounced than mine which tapers in towards the bottom of the arch, whereas yours seems to protrude by a similar amount all the way round.
  13. I guess mine (early 2018 build) would have the original bumper. I've thought a few times that the integral lip didn't seem to make as good a job of covering the tyre as the earlier separate version. I wonder if that's the reason for the change?
  14. Has it changed since before the remap? You could be just enjoying an over 50% power increase until you get used to it again!
  15. Ha Ha didn't think you'd actually do it. "For you, zer vill be pudding"!😀