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  1. I pretty much do the same - turn it off as soon as I start up and pop it on if I know I'm going on a route where I know there are lengthy delays eg a level crossing. As I've mentioned on other threads, if I leave my house in one direction I face 6 sets of lights in the first half mile or so and find it operates briefly a few times and then gives up, presumably to save the battery.
  2. I'm quite interested to see how this turns out. It's going to appear in the new Puma this year, before being rolled out into the Fiesta and Focus. From what I've read so far, there might not be much of a weight penalty with the starter motor being integrated with the generator and I don't think the 48v batteries are that big or heavy. I wouldn't mind a bit more torque from the Fiesta without necessarily needing 200ps top end and the more unforgiving suspension and seat of the ST, so will keep an eye on this. According to Ford's claims it increases total torque by 20nm, giving up to a 50% torque boost lower down compared to the current versions, so sounds pretty good - if it works. We shall see!😀
  3. The above article mentions 7 speed auto later this year but doesn't say if dual clutch or torque converter box. I've seen mentions elsewhere of an 8 speed so it looks like wait and see for now.😀
  4. Thanks for those @Eng_Ahmad1986, I find these things most interesting. The power/torque graphs in particular confirm the way the different engines feel to me - the 100/125 reaching maximum torque quite abruptly, in an almost diesel-like way, the 140 more "rounded" (like the curve) and progressive.
  5. Can't remember where I got the figures now, probably a road test/review somewhere, when I was researching the car.
  6. Crikey, that's gone up a bit! The Ford website was quoting £35 when I ordered my Fiesta in September 2017, by the time the first one was actually due (March this year) it had gone up to £95. You would think it should be covered in a service plan, but then, it wasn't entered in my service book and I was told it wasn't actually a scheduled service. So best to check if it is actually covered and then decide what to do. if not covered by a plan (and I suspect it isn't) your dealer may be willing to negotiate a bit, particularly if including extra work such as an oil/filter change (and the check includes up to 1 litre of oil anyway). And of course you need to factor in the cost of whatever level of breakdown cover you're happy with. I think a normal service plan covers recommended scheduled services for 3 years from delivery, but with the new extended service interval a low mileage user would probably only get the one scheduled service (at 2 years) within that period, so probably not great value for that type of customer.
  7. Interesting to see the different techniques here, which are obviously influenced by which engine and box you have, the 140 having lower gearing overall in 5 and 6 speed versions. I find in the 140 3rd is quite low enough to negotiate main road roundabouts, 2nd for a "mini" and only use 1st for setting off. I've given up trying to find the formula for best economy and just get on with driving and enjoying it now - I still seem to get the same mid-40's in normal use with low 50's on longer runs whatever I do. As @Convert says, even with the lower gearing on the 140 3rd will take you into highly illegal territory. Btw Tony (and apologies as usual for straying off topic), how are you getting on with the Mk 8 ST suspension/seat as opposed to the ST-Line/Zetec S? I couldn't have coped with the Mk 7.5 ST on the roads I have to use, whereas the ST-Line has a great ride/handling balance for me, but a bit more torque would be welcome. The 140 does 26.16mph per 1,000rpm in 6th, so 2,675 rpm at 70. I find mine very relaxed at this speed.
  8. The Sync 3 in my Fiesta has always looked like your second shot.
  9. Ah, when I said continued on foot I wasn't going all the way into the centre. It's about 2.5 miles, which I suppose is a bit far for many people, particularly if loaded up with shopping. I've always done a lot of walking so my definition of "walkable" tends to be different to some. I do think this P&R is too near the centre - places like Cambridge, for example, have their P & R much further out which better keeps the traffic away from the centre. I don't use it myself to get into the city centre btw, if I want to do that the normal service bus stops right outside my door anyway, I use the P&R as it's a good starting point for several walks and saves an initial drag by a main road which is not very pleasant. A (fit) visitor from elsewhere however, might well decide to park up and walk into the city from there taking in various points of interest, my point is why should they face a potential penalty as opposed to someone who does the same thing on a bike?
  10. Yes, first car I've had with a camera (seemed silly not to when at the time I ordered I think it was around £200 sensors only or £250 for both) and I've found it more useful and less of a gimmick than I expected. Trouble is, once you get used to these things it's hard to do without!
  11. Happy to report this has become a "thing I do like". After 2 months and a couple of email nudges the Council have actually sorted this out properly by removing the old damaged manhole frame and cover, replacing it with a new one (actually flush with the road surface!!), and reinstating the surrounding area to a decent standard. So credit where credit's due!😀
  12. I've never seen a camera there but I would expect they ought to be somewhere for security purposes - there's no warden 'cos it's free anyway. Yeah, maybe next time I'll take a bike with me just in case!😀
  13. I'm a great fan of parking sensors and have always found the rears to be very effective. But for some reason I've had similar problems to Terry with front sensors on the 3 cars I've had with them, and in no case was any particular fault found, though as Dan suggests the front sensors may be more vulnerable to dirt/moisture/debris/insect squash etc. So I shall just stick with rears in future, unless they come as standard and I've no choice.
  14. Parked up in the Park & Ride site for our nearest city this morning (which was, as usual, virtually empty), continuing my journey on foot. On my return I noticed a sign I'd not spotted before, to the effect that "You are not permitted to park here unless taking the P & R bus or cycling into the city centre" and another "Parking and walking from this site is forbidden - £50 penalty" So, if I park my car, take my bike out of the boot and cycle into town (thus adding to the general congestion and traffic chaos) that's ok, but if I walk causing no harm to anyone, I could get fined fifty quid! Likewise, I could take up a space on the P&R bus (which is heavily subsidised and virtually free anyway to OAP's) from someone who may really need it, even though I'm perfectly able to walk, that's also apparently ok. And I wonder, if I do use my bike, how do they know I've ridden it into the city centre and not somewhere else, anyway? I've sent a polite email to the Council asking them to help me see the logic of this policy.😀
  15. Top bloke - I believe he's still doing ok after his most recent brush with Hodgkin's.