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  1. I had a leased vehicle in my company car days, but so far have stuck with outright purchase when buying my own. I just think about any acquisition method in terms of "what will it cost me to have the use of this vehicle for 3 years" or whatever, and go from there in making comparisons. As Gordon says, the key to most finance deals is the residual calculation. Mind you, they have got it wrong before. A few years back estimated residuals on the Golf R were wildly over-optimistic resulting in some really low PCP rates. I'm still regretting not going for that one!
  2. Hi Daniel, This question comes up very frequently on here. You could try a Ford dealer, among the tuners Mountune and Pumaspeed supply them, Maxton do a similar design, they often crop up used on EBay or in "parts for sale" on this site. If you just Google "Fiesta ST rear diffuser" you will get several hits, including links to previous threads on here which have fitting guides also.
  3. Yeah, it was looking as if a lot of people were going to get their fingers burned on PCP etc even before the coronavirus crisis. I guess their whole arms will be ablaze after this!๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Lol - it seems like a "marmite" thing - I'm not a fan either but it looks as if none of us know the answer to the OP's question, unfortunately?
  5. Never seen a post about anyone trying this mod, but as the eco mode affects various functions including throttle response, cruise, fan speed etc, I'm sure it will be a case of more than just adding a switch, and some reprogramming, or perhaps extra components, may be involved. Like other posters so far, I've had these on several cars now, including my current one and never noted any economy benefits and just found they made the car unresponsive and less enjoyable to drive. Some people seem to rate it, though - as with most things, personal opinion.
  6. I have seen a couple of articles in the financial pages (not specifically relating to Ford) suggesting that, once the dealerships reopen shortly, there may be some decent deals to be had to clear stockpiled vehicles, if you are not too fussy on spec. After that, it was suggested that prices and supply could well be tighter, due to lower rates of production in factories having to "social distance", particularly if looking for a particular spec. I have seen the odd finance deal on Fords (0% interest, big deposit contributions, deferred payments, etc, from dealers trading online so may be worth searching a few websites/making the odd email enquiry to check what's on offer out there.
  7. Yes, last battery I had to replace was on one of my Mrs's cars - it was 9 years old by then and not holding a charge for long. She'd only done 33,000 in it so it rarely got a decent charge, plus it was a diesel, so I think that was pretty good going!๐Ÿ˜€
  8. 63 plate should be a Mk 7 facelift or Mk 7.5 as it's usually known. But as Isetta suggests, check out the pics posted earlier in the thread to be sure.
  9. Lol. You're suggesting to a Yorkshireman that parting with around 1500 quid of his brass for a gadget to do something he can do himself, is doing himself a favour?!๐Ÿ˜€ No, seriously, it's something I review every time I change cars and I've tried a lot of autos over the years but I still prefer manual at the mo, given the choice.
  10. Lol I'm with you there. I have a few dental issues which date back to a crooked dentist in my teens who (I later discovered) did unnecessary work and claimed it on the NHS. My current (private) dentist has got together with other practices in the area to offer an emergency service which covers a bit more than the NHS coronavirus emergency set up, so I feel a bit more reassured I can get sorted if I have a disaster!๐Ÿ˜€
  11. It's on the right. This threw me when I first got the car as my previous Fords (and other makes, come to that) with six speed boxes had reverse on the left!๐Ÿ˜€
  12. Iirc the Mk 4 1.0 has the same box (6MTT215) as the Fiesta Mk 8 which has attracted criticism from some owners for its change quality, though it seems to vary as some find it fine. Mine is not the slickest change I've ever had (particularly first to second) though it has improved over 10,000 miles. (Or I've just got used to it - either way it doesn't bother me now!)
  13. Not clear exactly which model you are looking at? Higher specs - ST-L X, Titanium etc - have adjustable lumbar support as standard, and it was optional elsewhere. I was a bit unsure of the seats (part-leather on mine) at first, I seemed to be sat on them rather than in them. They seemed to "give* over time and were fine after a few months. Others reported similarly. Incidentally, I started an "early impressions" thread when I got my car in March 2018, to which Martin, I and others have contributed a lot of comments you may find useful๐Ÿ˜€.
  14. Not needed to use a charger for years until recently when I updated to a "smart" charger to use in the current (no pun intended๐Ÿ˜€) situation. I found the instructions for both the Ctec MXS-5 and Noco Genius 5 5A chargers suggest 12 hours is needed to get an empty 60A battery up to 80% charge.
  15. A long running saga this one. Hybrid Fiesta/Focus still featuring as coming soon on Ford website and I'd be surprised if it didn't happen (eventually) in view of the tighter emissions regs. But yeah, as I mentioned on another thread I drove a 125 hybrid Puma (bit heavier than the Fiesta of course) but it was certainly no ball of fire. The sales guys told me the 155 was not a lot different but I didn't get chance to try their 155 before lockdown. It might be a different story in the lighter Fiesta, hopefully, and I'm Interested to see how they accommodate the 48v battery, whether it will impact on boot space, ability to have a spare wheel etc.