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  1. Yes, seems to be a good engine from the ones I've driven. I had the 1.8 which didn't seem to be much of an advantage, same max torque on both. Hope you get a good 'un and don't need to bother the dealer anyway!😀
  2. As I've mentioned recently on the other thread (Mk 8 satnav/GPS issues), I've had no occurrence of the "no GPS" symbol for over 9 months now, and GPS features like TSR and speed warning are functioning fine, though the mapping was obviously well out of date even when the car was built.
  3. Nearly everything on here ends up off topic!😀
  4. It's probably the same guy who thinks speed limit signs should be hidden away in bushes........😀
  5. Yes, sadly I've seen a few cases where people have taken it up on themselves to tidy and beautify their local area, only to find themselves prosecuted for their trouble. We do have (officially sanctioned) volunteers in my area who do a great job of picking up litter from the roadside and hedge rows. Unfortunately in my area we don't have a recycling bin as such, but 3 separate boxes for card/paper, bottles/jars, and cans/plastic bottles. These get thrown about by the bin men and on a breezy day paper and plastic bottles end up all over the place, to be picked up later by the volunteers.
  6. Coincidentally I had a Leon FR (nice car) for 3 years before the Fiesta. Unfortunately my experience of SEAT aftersales was not dissimilar to yours with Ford, so hope you go on better this time!😀 What engine are you getting, btw?
  7. I might tend to agree with you in general, but this work, like another botched job I mention on another thread, was carried out by direct labour!
  8. You're right, Tom. I was curious about this - just found an old road test report from 2011 which mentions driver assistance pack including what they referred to as "road sign reader"😀 Edit - stop press! The council have been "resurfacing" (tar and chippings method) the road I mentioned above. Just had a walk down there and found, after searching the bushes, they have taken the opportunity to sneakily move the speed limit (and the sign of course) 200 yards further down the road. And (I don't really need to say this do I?) they've placed it in another bush!
  9. That's an interesting question. I believe it only started to appear around 10 years ago (not sure on which makes), and I think I've seen a reference to it first appearing on a Ford around 2013?
  10. Not really sure - it's in the clump at the right of the picture!😀
  11. Unfortunately you can't blame a contractor - our local council use direct labour for these sort of jobs.
  12. ......and the camera is only reliable if the signs are correct and legible e.g. clean and not hidden in a bush, like the one I have been complaining to my local council about for the last 2 years!😀
  13. Very bad luck there - this pothole business is just getting ridiculous. Very similar thing happened to me the other week when I went over the thing in the pic trying to avoid someone. Huge bang but (fingers crossed) no apparent damage and all seems normal driving wise. When I returned to the scene I found it was a half sunken, rusted manhole cover that some woodentop had decided to just tarmac over. The whole thing, including the tarmac, was actually dropping about 6 inches when a vehicle went over. So I reported it to the council, with photos, and guess what - someone's just been round and dropped another shovel of tarmac on top😠
  14. Yes, but if you go for the "convenience check" at 12 months you get the breakdown cover extended for 12 months. I only do around 6,000 miles a year and decided to have an oil/filter change at the same time anyway.
  15. We saw both the Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales in the Rosyth naval yard when we were leaving from the adjacent cruise terminal a while back. I can confirm that from that close distance they were a pretty awesome sight! (Much rather have had a go on one of them than a cruise ship, but you've got to keep the Mrs happy!😀) We were down in Plymouth year before last, great watching the Navy comings and goings from the Barbican every day.