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  1. Starting Problem

    Hi, Result back from the garage is they squirted some Easy Start into the air inlet and it fired up straightaway. Apparently no fault codes reported. The crankshaft sensor has been changed however. The immoboliser is OK so they say and fuel pump runs.Ford want 400 quid for a new fuel pump. So will not be changing that in a hurry. Don't think have got to the bottom of this yet. Could it be a dodgy air mass sensor or more likely the battery is on the way out.Its the original battery and car is 12 yrs old!! Lol. I checked the battery volts in the morning from cold and it only read 12.4 V. When engine started running it went up to 14.25V. Perhaps the volts drop really badly when turning over and its right on the limit for other stuff to work properly maybe. Cheers Alan
  2. Starting Problem

    Thanks for you reply mate.So hows does the immobilser work then ?. I thought it stopped the starter motor from turning. Or does it cut off the fuel then?
  3. I have an X reg Mondeo Mk 2 ? version (reg Sep 2000) just refused to fire up. It cranks over fine plenty of welly in battery but will not fire up. Had a simillar problem back in May when again it would not start. It was very hot day and car had been for a long run. After leaving it for about 20 mins came back and it started (ie fired up OK). Felt like the old problems with vapour lock which I didn' think you get nowadays with modern cars.. I was confinced it was a fuel related problem! Pump maybe ? However it did it again couple of months later. But this time I left ignition switched on for a couple of mins before cranking and the egine fired up no problem. Yesterday went to start engine from cold and although it would crank over again battery was good it refused ti ignite. Called RAC out but was unable to pinpoint exact problem. His laptop didn't work so was unable to get a fault code, He thought it was a crankshaft sensor ? Fuel was OK i.e plenty of petrol not diesel! Fuel was not getting to injectors.Tested the pump but it was running OK. Had to get it towed to my garage. Still awaiting diagnosis result. Has anybody had similar experience and got any suggestions or results. I am rather mystified ?
  4. I have an X reg Mondeo (Mk 2) and have discovered water under the carpet in passenger footwell. I have checked and sealed the pollen filter housing so its not coming from there. I am suspecting that the (2 plastic and 1 rubber) grommets in floor pan are the culprits.Perhaps they have aged and contracted letting water past the seal. I just can't think where else the water is coming from.Its definitely coming from underneath car and not from the top down as I have rubber mats.I am going to dry it all out (the insulating felt is sodden and stinks like hell, which is why i looked under carpet in first place!) and smear loads of silicone sealant over it. The air con has been switched off and can eleminate any blockage in drain hole. So I don't think its that. There is a lot of water so I don;t think its the air con. Has anybody else had problems with these stupid grommets ?.
  5. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can mo...