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  1. Alternator Problem

    Nick This is happening with engine ticking over with or without all electrical items on,It does it any engine RPM
  2. KA NUTS

    You do not say if these are Ford alloys,if the are take the car straight back to the dealer where you purchased the car and put the ball in there court. ASAP
  3. Alternator Problem

    On my 52 plate Ka when the headlights are on they start at normal brightness and go brighter then go to normal brightness,I have placed a multimeter on the battery with the engine off,it reads 12volts so battery ok,if I start the engine with multimeter still connected to the battery I get a fluctuating reading between 13.4volts and 15.4volts,I do not get a constant voltage,it seems to me the voltage regulator on the alternator seems to be not working. My Query is can the regulator be renewed on a modern alternator,in my younger days i renewed a regulator in a Lucas alternator on a Mk2 Escort. Also how do you identify which model of alternator is fitted without removing it,if I have to replace the alternator.
  4. Engine Misfire

    Engine does not misfire on tickover,have removed plugs one by one all nice colour no obvious cracks on ceramic,could i have a dud spark plug
  5. Engine Misfire

    Fitted the right plugs,no grease on the electrode,and the HT leads are all fitted correctly.
  6. Engine Misfire

    Yes i set up the gaps with feeler gauges
  7. Engine Misfire

    yes checked the gaps with feeler gauges
  8. Engine Misfire

    After servicing my 52 plate Ka,changed plugs,oil change,air filter change,the engine now misfires when putting your foot down,could it be a dud spark plug,or the HT leads.
  9. The paint work around the filler cap is blistering on my 2003 Ka is this a common problem and is it repairable.
  10. On my 2003 Ka i am getting condensation in the drivers side headlamp is there a cure or is it a new headlamp unit.
  11. Can Anyone tell me if there is an easy way to change the drivers side headlight bulb on my 52 plate Ka.