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  1. Wheeler Dealers Edd China

    For those of you who no longer watch Wheeler Dealers after Edds departure your in luck Looks like he's coming back with a new show (sounds a bit Car SOS) but oh well https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/news/comment/2018-04/edd-china-returns-with-new-garage-revival-series/
  2. Apologies 19.99 was the 3 device 1 year offer which isn't available now. Your looking at approx £40 for a 2yr 3 device license
  3. Use the same as you brought a 2yr license 19.99 was the top AV product for a good few years Bitdefender is top this year (PC Pro Magazine) due its new autopilot mode
  4. Ford GPS V Tom Tom GPS

    Eco Penalty, whats that in Non-Ford language??? Thanks Clive
  5. Ford GPS V Tom Tom GPS

    Off the 3 options it gave me i chose the shortest (red route)
  6. Heated windscreen and washer jets ?

    Heated Windscreen and Wash Jets from Zetec Upwards
  7. Ford GPS V Tom Tom GPS

    My Sync 3 tends to route you through housing estates rather than sticking to the main roads. Just one example i can recall below (not a housing estate but point still stands) See example The Orange route is the route the Sat Nav wanted you to take (through a 20Mph road) were as i stuck to the A road (in green) on this occasion (as any sensible person and indeed my TomTom did)
  8. Maps update

    Traffic works on its own for me. Picks up from the Radio Traffic Announcements. Not prefect. Have had Nav tell me its re-routing due to traffic
  9. Waze is a very good navigation app it seems (can't use it myself) So news that Waze can be used using AppLink on Sync 3 will be welcome rather than the odd routing of Ford Nav https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/26/ford-adds-waze-to-its-sync-3-applink-for-ios-users/
  10. Powershift Box..

    From what i've read the smaller engine Powershift cars (namely Fiesta and B-Max and Focus) have terrible trouble with clutch packs. The Bigger engine cars appear much more reliable. Ford seem to have switched back to normal TC autos for their petrol models. leaving the diesels with the Powershift.
  11. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    Yes Yes Yes. That damn Sat Nav... God knows how it calculates but it sends you down narrow lanes even on Fastest Route (something TomTom never did). Up in Yorkshire was the worst sending you over deserted moors to Whitby were as Google Maps stuck to the main A roads. This is Sync 3 too
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Now what the heck is that??? Never mind found it Dam right dangerous
  13. Things I Don't Like

    Quite. not as if i haven't been on a 40 mile drive to Manchester earlier in the week, Do it then.... Mysterious grey box appeared on a lampost few doors down Not to dissimilar to attached (without padlocks). Ideas???