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  1. Ford Focus 17" Alloys Scrape

    How much it cost to you?
  2. Replacing 15" Focus Alloys. Help Please

    Thanks for the advice. They are really useful.
  3. Fiesta Mk5 Wheel Size Fitment

    Can we install alloy wheels bigger than 14" inch in ford fiesta?
  4. Motorway Speed Limit Set To Rise To 80mph

    80 mph is nice limit. You can easily control the vehicle at that speed if someone is not troubling you.
  5. scrotes on mopeds

    Is there any way to change the speedometer. It is in miles and I want to change it in KM speedometer. Can you tell me how much it will cost to change that?
  6. Plus Pass

    Yeah it is important and for our safety. It is a nice step taken by the authority.
  7. scrotes on mopeds

    I am with you. I hate these mopeds too. They are just blot on the name of vehicles.
  8. Fiesta Mk6 Brake Light

    These brake lights are changed in new Ford Fiesta. They are led based lights. Check them they are awesome.
  9. Ford Evos Concept

    Have you seen Ford Evos Concept. It is great, just waiting for its launch. It is awesome.
  10. Hi

    Hello Everyone! I am new here. I am from Yorkshire.