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  1. Managed to fix it by going to the self diagnostic mode: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/1486-focus-dashboard-secret-trick/page-2
  2. I got the ForScan and it really looks like a cool app. How should I read the parameters (idling/normal driving/speed run). Re BHP I am not 100% about the actual BHP, i did not do it for the BHP gain but to get rid of the DPF :)
  3. hi all, All of a sudden the temperature and fuel gauges are not working on my 2007 MK2 Focus (1.6 TDCI). Noticed that when the engine is switched off, they dont go back to their original location. Is this something fixable or do I need a new cluster? Thanks Mark
  4. to check the clutch put it on two or three gears too high (while on 3rd put it on 5th) and floor the throttle. If the engine revs but you don't go faster, then your clutch needs changing.
  5. Interesting indeed! Thanks for the explanation. I will certainly check about this and see where I can get my hands on a kit. Would it be possible to clean the Intercooler? My car has just over 112K miles so i guess there is quite a lot of cool in there? Mind you I already blanked the EGR and removed the DPF and also changed the Injector seals. I am flushed the engine during the latest oil change. So, yes, I do treat ma Focus with a level of paranoia :) Another question, does the 1.4 TDCI also suffer from the same problems? My wife has a newer Fiesta and maybe I can attach such a oil collector while still relatively new (8K miles)
  6. haha, my original clutch gave in after 85000miles... remapping to 140bhp was the last straw i guess :D
  7. Interesting - Sorry for the stupid question but what is the purpose of the oil catch can? Is it to prevent oil from getting to the turbo and/or the MAF sensor? I was of the impression that the tiny amount of oil from the breather helps to lubricate the turbo...
  8. HI, I bought a Silverline Oil Extractor Pump to be able to change the oil without getting under the car. However my plan failed since I was only able to extract half the oil, even using a thinner pipe. It seems I was unable to reach the bottom of the sump. Is this how these pumps are supposed to work or should it be a tight fit to create a vacuum to be able to extract the oil from the bottom? Anyone has experience using these pumps, on a 1.6tdci maybe?
  9. My car has been remapped to around 148 bhp around 4 years ago. Never got it tested properly but with an obd2 adapter and torque pro on my android I used to get around 125bhp. It also used to feel much better and more aggressive when accelerating. Mind you on the OBD2/torque it now only shows around 90 bhp. So I dont think the remap was bad, since it used to be great, but something happen and cannot pin point what. :/ by the way, I was talking about a steep hill. Even a slight inclination of trying to pull off with the a/c on is a struggle sometimes.
  10. I have ran a diagnostic tool and there were no errors. The car also has had air filter and fuel filter replaced less than a year ago. DPF has been removed and car remapped accordingly. My main issue is that there is power but you need to rev it. When pulling off it feels very heavy and if you are parked on a hill you need to slip the clutch slightly to get moving... which is very annoying
  11. Because, it must be either the injectors or the turbo (and the turbo does not seem to be doing anything weird and there is no play in the shaft). Using a second hand set of injectors should not require coding... but there is the risk that the injectors are actually in the same state mine are. BG244 is just a fuel treatment - you added to a full tank and drive normally. If your car is not sick it should help to clean up the fuel - related components, prolonging their life. If your car is a bit sick (due to excessive carbon deposits), there is a slight chance that you would see an improvement. It is more expensive then some other treatments because it is safe to use on modern diesels.
  12. So, flushed the engine and 1.5 tanks of fuel after the BG244 + gave the MAF sensor a good clean using a contact cleaner and still did not get any real improvement. On the up side the flush did not bring out any significant sludge which must mean the engine had been taken good care of :) at this point i have two options (I think) 1. obtain a second hand set of injectors to try them out 2. try to fiddle about with the turbo variable geometry nut which is known to loose the setting sometimes. Problem with first is that even second hand ones are pretty expensive for an "experiment" and the latter is that it is really hard to get to!!
  13. Mk7 Titanium - New Alarm?

    thanks a lot for your replies! I am looking at the Cobra 2 to 1 option!
  14. Mk7 Titanium - New Alarm?

    What do you mean retro fit a perimeter alarm? do you mean getting an original from Ford?
  15. Mk7 Titanium - New Alarm?

    yes, I know how it works but my 2012 doesn't have that feature :(