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  1. Fiver off TopGear Live Tickets

    Hey are you going to Top Gear Live too? I've got myself platinum tickets, once in a life-time thing as i've never been before so decided to go all out haha :D I just wondered if you've been before and give me a heads up on what its like. Thankyou.
  2. Cd Player Led Light?

    Just tried taking out the CD, Oh MY Days! Thankyou so much. :) The most obvious thing I needed to do aswel. But still hmm I would have thought they would have designed it to light up while the CD is in. Thankyou for sorting my problem, I can be such a ditz sometimes! Haha.
  3. Hello guys and gals, I hope I'm doing all this right, I've not posted anything on here before. Basically I have a 59 plate Fiesta Style and I wondered if the red LED light inside the CD player is supposed to briefly turn on when I've turned the key to start. I don't know if it's supposed to happen as this is the only time it turns on but goes off again after 2 seconds. Is anyone able to help me shed some light on this if it's norm, I just find it a bit pointless if it lights up for 2 secs and doesn't stay lit up like the rest of my funky interior. I can't find anything in my manual or through the car's display settings. :( I hope I'm not being too blonde? Thankyou if you can help, Kennedy x
  4. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Haha thankyou. I will never had one of them again, !Removed! nightmare haha.
  5. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Haha, it's nice not to have a KA I got lucky, I even went for a drink with my best friend to celebrate. Was a little sad to see the KA go as it was my first car and she had a Herbie personality. (Wouldn't start from my dad but only started for me.) :D Thats the last time I ever have a KA though. Rusty things. Grip the corners pretty well on high speed turns :D Delivery of the Fiesta was awesome, everytime I get in the car I get excited, my car sounds like a spaceship lol. Too true, the others have more gubbins to go wrong :P
  6. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Like this? :D
  7. 5 weeks till Top Gear Live! Wahooo! :D

  8. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    How often to you currently have them at the moment? :)
  9. Foc Meet 16Th October 2011

    I wish I could come along but sadly the meet is quite far from me. I shall await the next one, I'm only a newbie but I would love you meet you all and your cars :D
  10. Zoom Zoom...

  11. Hello Fellow Ford Lovers

    Don't worry I will be sticking around :D Nice to meet you all, you all seems so friendly :D
  12. Hey thanks for the add. :)

  13. Help Me Please!

    I think they all sound good, but the first seems to stand out more. It's a nice clear noise for people to be able to hear the car coming.
  14. Hello guys, I'm new to this site so you'll all have to bear with me, Can't waiting to get chatting away to you all. Just t sold off my first car ( 's' reg KA) for my new baby 59 plate Style + fiesta. Not much compared to some of the cars owned on here but for me it's a huge step up from a 1998 KA ha ha :) Nice to meet you all, my names Kennedy, 21 years old from the East Mids. I shall have plenty of blonde questions that I may need help with :)