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  1. Replaced Injectors Poor Mpg?

    Hi Think it was £680 for 4 refurbed injectors and recoding and ecu reset though I had other quotes of over a grand!!!! Il try the battery reset just in case but everything was reset when I picked car up as had to reset the 1 touch windows ect. Really annoying after spending £1700! Also had the clutch changed and the DMF plus some other bits - was hoping to get the car running like new!!!!
  2. Hi 54 plate Mondeo 2.0 tdci 115. Due to smoking and erratic idle and some flat spots I spent £700 on getting the 4 injectors refurbed and recoded. The car started perfectly this morning and drives smoothly and pulls well but for some reason my mpg is worse now than before the injectors were replaced???? I didn't think that there would be a need for them to bed in or anything as they have just been recoded but am I wrong? Can anyone explain why the MPG after a 1hr run on the motor way at 75mph would only be 42mpg????? I was geting 47-50 with the knackered injectors! Cheers all
  3. Hi, I have a 54 plate Mondeo tdci. I changed the pads a few weeks ago, used decent pads and plenty of copper grease to lube. Brakes squeal very loudly now, noise generally stops when applying the brake, Have checked pads again today no issues - have even wear, discs are fine, plenty of copper grease and no brake dirt as I cleaned them up before. Please can someone help as the noise is both driving my crazy and is embarrassing? Read some topics around handbrake cables or rear calipers being faulty causing to much pressure in the system? Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  4. Temperature Gauge Help!

    Yep spot on - I replaced the Oil Cooler thermostat which cost me £23 and it now works perfectly!
  5. Hi Guys Mk3 TDCI (115) Temperature gauge was showing erratic readings - would take ages to get to normal operating temperature then would drop down back to 60c and then just keep moving between 60 and 90c. I have changed the thermostat and the cylinder head sensor and changed the coolant but problem hasnt gone away - No idea what else it could be short of the actual dash display being faulty ? Any ideas? Thanks
  6. HI After having a leak off test completed on my Mk3 2ltr TDCI, I have been told that injectors 1+4 have a very slight leak. This is causing white smoke and erratic idle on start up. My question is a) how long are they likely to go on for in this state and B) could they be refurbed by a diesel specialist? Cant really afford to fork on out 4 new injectors? Thanks all
  7. Smoky Mondeo Low M P G

    No thats awful! Try cleaning it using this link then put some quality cleaner through like BG244 and go from there. Could be a million things prob best to pop it to a local garage and pay them £20 to do a enginge diagnostic, fordwiki.co.uk/index.php/EGR_Valve_and_Inlet_Manifold_Clearout_TDCi
  8. Smoky Mondeo Low M P G

    Its a fairly quick job to clean the Egr valve and manifold and there are lots of guides online on how to do it. I have the same problem with my car despite cleaning these and putting injector cleaner through. It sounds more like a potential injector issue, maybe a leaking injector. What kind of mpg are you getting? Regards
  9. Mondeo Wobble/shaking?

    Anti roll bar bushes?
  10. Does anyone know how or have a guide to how to complete an Injector Run off test? Got a Ford TDCI (mk3) that has erratic idle and lots of white smoke when cold.
  11. Follwing a previous thread, I am still having issues with a cold start up in my MK3 tdci. First start up of the day is lumpy with white smoke which settles down literally after 30 seconds. I have done loads of bits, full service, fuel filter, glow plugs and cleaned EGR/Inlet manifold. There are no fault codes on the engine diagnostic either. I checked the voltage today, its 12v at the battery fine, 10 at the main glow plug connection and their about 9v at all the glow plugs individually. In terms of voltage does this sound about right? Im convinced its not an injector issue as performance and mpg is good and it only happens on cold start. Does anyone have any other ideas! thanks all
  12. HI Did you manage to resolve this fault as I have a very similar issue with my Mk3 Mondeo. Cheers
  13. Mondeo Tdci Start Up Issues

    Had a engine diagnostic today and there were no fault codes at all! The only thing I noticed was that there didn't appear to be a fuse (60amp) in the fuse box for the glow plug. The garage suggested putting a voltmeter across the plugs on code start up to see if there's power to the plugs. I have put a fuse in today as I guess there's not much chance of power if there's no fuse!Il run a meter reading in the morning as well to make sure theres power to the glow plugs as the garage still seem convinced its a glow plug issue. Would injector issues not show up on the diagnostic? How can I check to see if theres leak off? Thanks
  14. Mondeo Tdci Start Up Issues

    Was that something picked up by a diagnostic? There seems to be lots of information online about people with similar issues but not many people with resolutions! What was the damage on the sensors? Cheers
  15. Mondeo Tdci Start Up Issues

    GRRRRR was fine for a few days now is back with a vengence, lots of white smoke and erratic idle on cold start up! Think I will have to take it for a engine diagnostic as I am out of ideas. Anyone got any suggestions? thanks