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  1. stereo

    The whole point of subs, mid range and tweets is to get each speaker handling what it's best at. In fact if you ask a single speaker to handle the bass it will do more to ruin the sound than having a separate sub. +1 to everybody who replied saying it's the way it's set up that ruins the sound and not the concept of having dedicated speakers. I'm fairly into home cinema and have proper B&W 600 series speakers all round not the poxy little book shelf ones. These are more then capable of shaking your fillings out but when you ask them to do that you lose the fidelity of the sound track. That's why I have an eff off big sub as well LOL - not to blow the roof of (although it can) just to take the load off the mid range Oh and I'm 40 something LOL
  2. How many miles do you get ???

    !Removed! HELL... If you left the boot open and hit the bass will you get to 60 faster? Last time I saw something like that sticking out the back of something it was taking off from a military airfield!
  3. How many miles do you get ???

    A full tank on my Mondeo 1.8 costs about £50 and driving at the speed limit but not holding folk up I get 425 ish miles. The best I ever got was 470 (lots of M6 driving snore) before I bottled it and filled up LOL I average 40 mpg on motorway trips and the low 30's round town. 60 miles to £20 is scary and if I were you I'd sell that Dodge Viper you are driving..! I used to work with a bloke who had a mad rich uncle and his uncle had a late 90's Aston Vantage - which he sent back to the factory for the performance option to push 600bhp The mechanic that built his engine told him it took a litre of petrol just to start it LOL
  4. First of all a bit of background on me... For the last 15 years I've had Audi or VW and I liked them and then in the last 4 months I found myself 'down grading' to a 2001 Ford Mondeo 1.8 I put down grading in quotes because I thought I would be losing out - more fool me... What a brilliant drivers car that Mondeo is. OK the engine is a little gutless and rough and the interior is a little lower quality than the german stuff but boy is it good to drive..! And face it that's what counts. So much tighter and more responsive, a little bit of understeer and then very, very controllable lift off oversteer. And the chassis control give me the confidence to press on a lot more than the wallowy barges I used to own. Now that circumstances have finally hit rock bottom and are (hopefully) bouncing the other way and I've found myself in possession of a company fuel card (and most of my driving is for work so that's free petrol folks!) I'm wanting something with a little more get up and go. So I started to look at the ST220. What are they like to drive and own? As I enjoy my cornering I was worried a big lump of engine up front might make them very nose heavy. Is that a problem? And are they 'faster' in the real world than the 8.6 to 60 suggests? It's a false indication of performance and I'd hope that the big engine would make it a good overtaker. One more thing I need to think about is reliability of the electrics. The ST's seem to be fully loaded and that's a lot of stuff to go wrong. Especially as I will be looking for a 3 or 4 year old one. Can you good folk give me some feedback and also what I would expect to pay for a tidy example? Many Thanks Slugs
  5. I've got some paper copies (so I can't upload them) of Mondeo wiring schematics for models up to 2003 1/2 Like somebody else has also offered, if you say what you are looking for I might be able to help you out with the information.
  6. Which pin is constant power?

    Happy new year to you both as well and to everybody on the board. For a few seconds I did wonder if it might be a fuse, but everything else electrical seemed to be working so I thought there is no way there would be a dedicated fuse just for this and didn't think any more about that (stupid of me I know). Only when I looked at the wiring schematic did I see how many bleeping fuses there were :o So F72 feeds just this one pin on one connector and an optional navigation unit (which my LX doesn't have) It's been a while since I did any electrical work on a car (Rover SD1 V8) and things have moved on a tad haven't they.
  7. Which pin is constant power?

    You are both right gents... F72 (20a) in the left hand footwell fusebox had blown. I must have shorted something when trying to get it working. Thanks for helping out. Cheers BTW - it works fine with yellow to yellow and red to red. But it's interesting that on my old VW they were switched round.
  8. Which pin is constant power?

    Hi Stef123, Your answer made perfect sense and I finally got around to trying it - but no joy. I did some internet digging and found this pin information Power connector pin1 live 12v memory supply orange/black pin2 ground black/green pin3 ignition 12v supply blue/black pin4 12v illumination supply orange/black pin5 alarm connection black/orange (may not be used) pin6 ground black/green Speaker connector pin1 white/black left front pin2 grey/black left front pin3 white/violet left rear pin4 grey/white left rear pin5 white/red right front pin6 grey/red right front pin7 white right rear pin8 grey right rear So I got the multi meter out and checked the power ones and they were bang on (colours were different though) EXCEPT for the pin 1 memory supply. This was only supplying about .6 volts So I hooked up the old Ford unit and that didn't work either??? Guessing that the units need ignition AND memory power I cross connected ignition power to memory power and hey presto the Ford unit worked as long as the ignition was on (good job as I could get the CD out LOL). And then the Sony one worked as well. But now I need to figure out why pin 1 isn't supplying 12v I guess the cable might be damaged and the .6v reading I'm getting might just be trace volts but now I'm getting puzzled Any ideas anybody?
  9. Hi... Do any of you know which pin on the std Mondeo radio wiring is the constant power? I've replaced my busted 6000 with a nice Sony head unit I used to have in the last car. But it's not retaining the settings once it's powered off and I think it's missing the constant power feed. I've used a Halfords Ford to std radio wiring conversion loom and want to check it's cross connected. Many thanks in advance for any replies Slugs...