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  1. Rattles

    Hi "Confusion", I'm sorry to say that I have still not found my dash rattle. I am sure that I shall have to remove the dash at some point because there is obviously something loose under there. Unfortunately Haynes have not yet produced a manual for this model so I am a bit stuck, plus, I must admit I am waiting for the warmer weather! By the way, one of the areas that I did find rattling was the rear folding seat backs. I taped the bars that the catches engage with insulating tape and it quietened it down. I also packed the rear doors which I suspected of rattling. If I find anything else out I will post it here for you. Malc65
  2. Rattles

  3. Rattles

    I removed all the plastic covers from the bulhead at the rear of the engine but the ventilation pipes are well padded and tight. I did find a broken plastic moulding which holds the gauze filter to the heater intake so I replaced it. However the dashboard rattle is still there so I would be grateful if anyone has any further suggestions.
  4. Rattles

    Many thanks for that. I will check it out. I cannot find any Ford TSB's on the web but I am still looking. Thanks again Malc65
  5. Rattles

    I have a Fusion 2 '05 plate 1.4 petrol and have terrible rattles, especially on rough roads (everywhere round here!). They are coming from behind the dashboard, seems to be under where the windscreen heater vents are situated. I have removed the instrument cluster a couple of times but the dashboard seems to be a moulded unit with no access. Have looked under the steering wheel and also removed the glove box on the opposite side searching for obvious loose items but all seems tight. I am nearing the point when I think I shall have to remove the dashboard but cannot find a Haynes manual. Can anyone help?