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  1. Argh! My St Leaking Oil :(

    Hi Had the above on my car and a bit of oil from gearbox looks very bad.
  2. Argh! My St Leaking Oil :(

    Hi Drive shaft oil seal me thinks. small job.
  3. Hi all not sure if I can sell this item on this site have spare wheel NEW with jack and fitting bolt to hold in boot £80 I live in Derby so if your local to me and want this just let me know at da.h@ntlworld.co.uk first to E Mail me will get it but must collect.
  4. Bonnet Re-Spray

    Hi Think I would have a go first as above paint to fill the scratch then 3000 plus wet and dry and polish out the scratches if this does not look ok you can have re-spray PS look on line you tube it will show you how to do it . try looking at this
  5. Goodbye All

    Hi numpy think about £80 all as new only used to change front wheels to back will post my mobile No. (If you want it) Thanks Dave
  6. Goodbye All

    Hi alexp999 Audi A1 Sportback S Line 16 TDI.
  7. Goodbye All

    Hi all Time to say goodbye as my Fiesta is going in for a trade in 2 hrs from now bit sad as its been a great little car but time to move on but will keep an eye on this site. So goodbye and thank's for all your help it's been great. :( LOL :D B) Ps may have some bits up for grabs (spare wheel,jack ect:)as new. Dave
  8. Time To Go

    Hi Nathan54771 Rear parking system Cruise Auto dim mirror and auto lights +rain sensors plus 16 TDI just like my Titainum
  9. Time To Go

    Hi had a great time over the last 3 years but that time has come just sorted out an Audi A1 . Think I will miss you lot as you have been a great help over that time may be back 1 day will keep looking on the forum you never know if you can help. :D Just have to say it's been fun.
  10. Hi all have been looking for a Titanium X in Deep impact Blue with 125 ps engine 17" wheels plus parking sensors front and back spear wheel.so thinks I may have to order new from Ford took the wife for a look round at TCH and others she says have what you want so all good .So when I found one on net took her to look at it and yes she will not have that colour or the inside (BIG SHOCK) as I took her with me to look for the last 3 months see did not get out of the car have shown her the colour more than once. The car I found is 3 month old 6 miles on clockl NEW but pre-reg car is 63 plate 2014.So do I get the car and get rid of the wife?LOL :D B) :)
  11. The Eagle Has Landed

    If only.
  12. Hi Willy that's good to know as when/if i change will have 5 door Titanium X 17" wheels and full dress up kit 125 ps eco .
  13. Hi as above the cap would be a good place to start .you may try to change the thermostat as if it is not opening fully this may let the car run HOT and only sticks shut the odd time .A new Thermostat will not cost much and is 1 less thing to look out for.(A YoYo effect) this will be the Thermostat sticking shut and then opening.
  14. Hi Willy that's not good was it a large pot hole ? or are the new 17" wheels on the soft side?
  15. 7.5 Door Panels

    Hi take it back to Ford and let them listen in the first year most things are covered.