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  1. Detrucci

    Couple Of Questions

    Thank you guys for the replies so far. I do have bluetooth and USB already installed, I dont have parking sensors, is it possible to upgrade to add them in even though i dont have any switches for it currently, i know i cant get cruise control as my stearing wheel doesnt have the buttons on the right hand side. Im gonna phone up the dealership and ask what kind of upgrades they can do to it and the prices etc.
  2. Detrucci

    Couple Of Questions

    Hi there, i was hoping some of you that know more than i do to answer some questions i have lingering inside my head. 1. How easy is it to switch from 16inch to 17 inch wheel frames? 2. Zetec S Spoiler on a 5 door, would it look any good? I havent seen any of them around. It seems to be unheard of. 3. Is it possible to upgrade the dashboard? I have a Zetec but i dont have Navigation on my car, is it possible to upgrade to this and any other features that i dont currently have? 4. When washing your car is it best to use a seperate wax AFTER the original wash? As i currently use a formulae that includes wax within the wash. Thanks for your time :)
  3. 1st person to like my status: I'll change my last name to yours for a week. 2nd person to like my status: I'll write "I love you" on your wall for a week. 3rd person to like my status: I'll answer a question (inbox only) 4th person to like my status: Can choose my profile picture. 5th person to like my status: I'll write a paragraph on your wall! Then put this as your own status!(:

  4. Todays betting profits:£70.73 + £26.00 + £4.23 = £100.96BOOOOM!

  5. Detrucci

    Windscreen Wash

    Thanks il try filling up with water and see how it goes.
  6. Detrucci

    Windscreen Wash

    darn so i need to buy like 3 bottles haha thats more money gone :(
  7. Detrucci

    Windscreen Wash

    Sorry im a bit new to this, can anyone explain what happened here...i got a 1 litre bottle of carplan screenwash from a store...i started to put it into the thing, i didnt see i kept doing it, and ended up putting in the whole bottle of 1 Litre, i still cant see the stuff, its like going down a bottomless pit lol, is this common? how much screenwash does it take to fill it up?
  8. Detrucci

    My Fiesta Zetec

  9. Detrucci

    Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    At the moment im getting around 42-45mpg it goes down or up depending on how i drive, although i managed to get 52+ on a full journey for about 150 miles...but then it went back down gradually and im sitting at 45 at the moment. But still 42 - 45 is the area its usually always in. Driving a 1.25 Zetec up in Aberdeenshire :) edit: car is on 7100 miles
  10. Detrucci

    Hello Everyone

    Wow nice, thanks for the link :)
  11. Detrucci

    Hello Everyone

    New to this and to cars in general (got my first car last month) I thought i would register to this incase i ever need it, i dont plan on being too active at first but il browse around and check stuff out. My name is David and I'm from Scotland
  12. Detrucci

    Fiesta Zetec 2010