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  1. Mot Fail Questions

    Hi all, took my trusty little fiesta in for its mot and it failed on 5 things, 2 excessive corrosion areas'; nearside outer rear (sill) suspension component mounting and offside inner front(floor) seat belt anchorage(rotten and rusted through presumably?), 1 front brake pad less than minimum and nearside rear parking brake recording little or no effort( i think my mate didn't bleed the brakes when he fitted the new shoes, i saw fluid squirt out when he pushed the piston in). so does "excessive corrosion" mean rotted through or can be scrubbed the rust off and painted over? ATB Andy
  2. Rear Wiper Motor

    hi all....my rear window wiper motor occasionally don't work when the car is not moving but works fine when it is....could this be a bad earth? many thanks andy
  3. Fiesta Ib5 Reverse Switch

    unscrew it on an IB5 gearbox?.......this 1 uses 2 torx T30 bolts
  4. Fiesta Ib5 Reverse Switch

    hello all,can anyone tell me what the procedure is for removing and fitting a replacement ib5 reverse switch is please? many thanks andy
  5. 1996 Mk4 Reverse Sensor Switch Location

    can get a new genuine ford ib5 switch on ebay for £27 and they are only 12 miles from me but thanks anyway :)
  6. 1996 Mk4 Reverse Sensor Switch Location

    thanks very much bud, my mates going to check all the fuses and connections before i start spending on the new parts:)
  7. 1996 Mk4 Reverse Sensor Switch Location

    did ford update the gearbox from the 2 wire switch to a sensorbox unit?
  8. 1996 Mk4 Reverse Sensor Switch Location

    Is that near the oil pressure switch bottom r/h side of engine?
  9. Hi all,long time no post! Can anyone tell me where the reverse sensor/switch is on a 1.25 zetec motor pls(photo's would be helpful too for anyone else for future reference)? My reverse light has packed up and I'm sure its the sensor,its not the bulb as my rear lights work ok and it has been an intermittant problem as when the reverse is engaged,the light goes on but let go off the gearstick,it goes out. thanks in advance. Andy
  10. mk4 reverse light

    straight to the point....when i engage reverse gear,the reverse light comes on but when i let go of the gearstick the reverse light goes out...any suggestions? thanks andy
  11. 2001 X Reg Tyre Pressures?

    rear 26 and 32/34 front for me.
  12. What model is my fiesta?

    then i suggest to revise your knowledge,i have a 1.25lx as does my mate :) the 1.25lx is one of the most popular models.
  13. What model is my fiesta?

    only the zetec mk4 fiesta started off in the 1.25lx spec,earlier fiesta's were 1.0,1.1,1.3 depending on the mk.also the mk4 zetec powered models have ''zetec s'' on the engine cover and they have an oval rad grill the haynes manual you need is the green covered manual
  14. fiesta heater problem

    did you test the hcv by hooking it up to the power to see if the solenoid works properly? the solenoids can fail in either blowing hot or cold,a fully working solenoid will click open and closed,a bad 1 won't.