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    smax official trouble topic

    3rd baby on the way and what with us being two full time working parents working different shifts, our driveway looks like a posh taxi firm with 2 x 57reg 2.0 tdci titanium smaxs (mine looks better with the x-pack wheels, think the wifes jealous)... Anyways.. Having read through this thread, few questions: a) This alarm problem, is there anything we can do before we have the problem, to waterproof/shield this unit prone to water ingress B) my 6 cd autochanger has a "mech" fault, is that going to be a big job - not the end of the world now with ipods... c) I have the pano roof, and I appear to be missing 1 of the roof rack 10cm long plastic slats , near drivers door. I should be able to get them from ford? d) how much is a travelpilot nx recent sat nav update on dvd? thanks guys for this forum..