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  1. Fiesta Mk6 Triple Deck Stereo Removal

    ive just done this with mine....on the bigger part of the green bit (back bit) there is 2 green bits that stick out...it looks as though its all one mould but you can actually push them in...if you push them in it comes free from the heater control. when you put it back together it just pops back on easily :)
  2. MK6 Fiesta

    Fiesta Black 1.4
  3. Ford Fiesta Black Edition

    i have the same car and i had this issue too. Ford said they wouldn't upgrade the stereo to the next model up. the only other possibility is to put in an after market stereo. i am half way through fitting mine...its a little tricky in places! you have to cut the plastic bars running across the standard stereo and buy a new fascia for the after market stereo to fit in to. the only tricky part in doing this is disconnecting and reconnecting the heater controls.