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  1. hurah i fixed it.. in the back, bit of wrestling, took of a plastic panel which gave me better access, checked all the cables, sprayed a bit of wd40 at the lock. removed as much stuck plastic as i could and bingo! hurah. even the wipers and demister works again. good news
  2. Is there a way to manually open the boot? It seems the problem is the contact, i can see a bit of tesco bag has got stuck in between (damm tesco! lol)... I also read this which seems to explain the problems im having.. the only problem is now i cant open the boot to clean it!!!! "Actually, an intermittent faulty boot release and rear wiper sounds like a dirty contacts to me. Make sure that shiny copper bit on the inside "lip" of the boot isn't obscured and has a clean contact with the corresponding bit on the ridge on the bottom of the door-hatch itself. If it doesn't make contact. then these electrics won't work."
  3. Cheers! I will take a look tomorrow when its light and hopefully not so cold!!!! I also dont think the rear window demister is working, but the lights are working! Are they 3 things on one set of cables?? PS i should have mentioned i cant actually open the BOOT at all, even with the key. i will have to have a proper look tomorrow from the back seats!
  4. Hello I brought a Ford KA for my wife in 2005 and its been a good little car.. but now it has a problem thats hopefully nothing major. The boot has always been a bit tempremental to open.. sometimes id have to press the button and push down to get it to open.. but now it just wont budge. Also the rear wipers have stopped doing anything, the water comes down but just leaves a clear trail :( Any advice? seems funny they both stopped around the same time. Dont wanna take it anywhere unless i can avoid it.. Cheers :D
  5. Ka headlight bulb changing

    Hello New member here! My wife has a KA.. I had the change the bulb but after reading the stress of doing this, i thought id get halfords to do it, however they said it was too complicated and refused (wonderful service huh). I then took it to MotaBitz in bournemouth and they did it free when i brought a bulb from them, it took the guy about 4 mins with no tools. was quite impressed. Unless ur good with cars Id suggest to take it to a car accessory shop such as this! saved me ripping my hands to shreds (mind im rubbish with cars). Quite shocked that a car like a FORD KA would be this complicated!! MY supra is a peice of cake compared. I would have figured it would be the other way around! Hope my advice helps!