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  1. Air Con

    Thanks , I have looked in the handbook and cannot find any mention of amount of refrigerant. I am regassing it as we have a air con machine at work,it says 600grams on our machine but I just wanted to double check the amount. I was hoping someone may have a sticker under their bonnet as mine seems to be missing or extremely well hidden. Steve
  2. Air Con

    I have a 2010 model 1.6tdci Focus and i need to know the quantity of r134a refrigerant for an air con regas. I know that there should be a plate or sticker under the bonnet showing the amount in weight to put in but i cannot find anything on mine. I think it is 600 grams but i would be very grateful if someone could confirm this . Thanks Steve
  3. Hi Good to see this answer. I'm happy now too...
  4. I assume nobody has any idea then!!!!!
  5. Hi I don't know the answer to this but i was wondering the same as i have a 2011 Mk2.5 Focus also. Regards Steve
  6. Pre Heat Light ??

    Thanks for reply I have no problems,only had the car for one week,its only done 300miles ,just seemed odd to not see a light at all. Steve
  7. Pre Heat Light ??

    Hi I have just got a new Focus 1.6 diesel sport . Does this model have a pre heat/glow plug light as i have not seen it come on and can't even see one when the ignition is first switched on. Steve
  8. Sat-Nav Problem?

    Hi I have the same sat nav unit that is talked about in this thread but can anyone tell me what the symbol to the left of the time means. Steve