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  1. Mpg Horror Story?

    I have a 2002 Focus Zetec with only 44K miles. Your mpg sounds about right to me, when I first got it and used to put my foot down more I used to get around 28mpg. I now try to hardly press the throttle and it seems to be doing a bit better but I have never bothered measure it's fuel usage for a while. I also have a 2003 Focus TDCI 115 estate and it's fuel economy is vastly superior. But I never drive that far in the auto, the auto is a much nicer drive though.
  2. Intermittent Fault With Flick Wipe

    I have 2 Mk 1 Focus's and one of them does this. I removed the front wiper relay from the ones that works and put it in the other. This cured the problem. I have read on the net somewhere that the wiper motor could also be at fault. The relay is about £24 and fairly easy to change. So is probably worth trying.
  3. I believe that I have fixed this now, well a temporary fix. The water appears to be getting through a sealant that is sealing a gap more or less where the arrow is just below the bumper line. I think that the sealer is called Tiger seal or something. Anyway I do not have any of that so just had to use loads of silicone sealant as a temporary fix. I am guessing that this is not the best stuff to use and will eventually come off. So I will probably take the bumper of again in the near future and remove the silicone sealer and more of the tiger seal and re-seal it and then paint over it. Just thought I would post the problem just in-case anybody else has a similar problem.
  4. My 2002 Focus hatch has developed a water leak on the rear drivers side. After lots of messing about removing the light and sealing with silicone I started messing about with a watering can. When I pour water with the hatch open near the right side of the car along where the bumper meets rear panel. See picture with arrow below: It leaks in a small amount inside the hatch in this area, see arrow: There is a bit of a build up of crap where the bumper meets the rear panel so I have a bad feeling that it maybe has a hole in it, although there is little rust on the rest of the car. I just wondered before I remove the bumper are there any grommets under it in the vicinity of the leak. If not I may just bite the bullet and take it somewhere to get welded as it is probably a hole. Thanks for any help.
  5. Loss Of Power

    Sorry to hijack this thread. I have a 52 reg Focus auto that suffers from power loss also, it will just loose all power start juddering but it will not cutout. It will then sort itself out. The MIL light also comes on. I took it to a local independant garage and it was not displaying any codes. I also checked it with my cheapo ebay handheld and it was showing a DTC but no codes were evident. It let me reset the MIL, which maybe I should not have done and took it to a main stealer to see if they could read anything. It has not done it for a few days now. H3lly refers to a procedure to checkout the coilpack with a multi-meter. I was wondering what is this procedure and what reading am I looking for please?