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  1. Newb

    Thanks glad to be here :) nice window sticker btw..
  2. Black Box Insurance?

    Hello - just wanted to know if anyone here has used black box insurance with a tracker installed in your car? Any reviews or recs?
  3. Newb

    Hi folks, I'm kind of new but haven't introduced yet. My first cars a 2004 Focus 1.6, glad to be here :) Considering a retro Cougar, any tips would be appreciated
  4. Black Box Insurance, Teenager?

    It seems like blackbox insurance is a no brainer for teenagers at the moment, especially if Ive only just passed. Has anybody here got any experience with them? i'm looking at http://www.ingenie.com in particluar but anyone who's tried tracker insurance it'd be good to hear your thoughts. Have any of your premiums come down in price?
  5. Current favourite game.

    It's got to be FIFA 12 right now - loving the Season mode, beasting it :)
  6. Ford Focus Estate

    Great 'shop... good job
  7. Sweet New Skins For The Forums!

    New design is HOT. One of the most bespoke forums I've seen. I am finding it a little slow to respond though - is it just me? Great job overall though.
  8. scrotes on mopeds

    Very annoying - I live on a sharp bend in the road, around which peds love to whiz and accelerate at full whack (i.e. turning their hairdryer engine to "High".. :) )
  9. Parking With Two Wheels On A Curb

    Most of the streets in my area are narrow, and if our car park is full, you have to park up on the curb. Most of the times when this happens, one of my tyres deflates considerably. Is this just a coincidence, or could the angle of the car be applying extra pressure on two of the wheels, thereby forcing air out?
  10. Wow this is a cool idea... doesn't look too difficult either. Great post & vid!
  11. ..morning!

    Thought I'd drop in and see what I've been missing as the driver of a Focus for the past four or five years...