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  1. New Car (Zetec S Tdci)

    Nicola, The pictures your seeing with the metal pedals are Sam C's pictures of his Zetec S, it's my one thats got rubber ones but should have pedals the same as Sam C's. Sorry for the confussion. I haven't posted any pics of my rubber ones, far too embarassed !!!
  2. New Car (Zetec S Tdci)

    Sorry Sam C, I should have started a new thread about the TDCi hesitation thing cos it looks like I've stole your "new car" thread and its strayed of topic, Sorry. I'll have to phone the dealer about the peddels not being metal one's. I can't go around with the only ZS with rubber one's!!! About diesels having lag, I've driven loads of deisels espiecaly work vans (direct injection and common rail) and I've never experianced lag, you just feed them gears and they pull!!! The car has a nice spread of torque other wise, its addictive, I keep putting the foot down in high gears just to feel it pull.
  3. New Car (Zetec S Tdci)

    Yup, works in my favour, until she gets used to it at any rate!
  4. New Car (Zetec S Tdci)

    Cheers for the quick response. Good to know I haven't bought a duffer. I did wonder if maybe the pedals were sprited away during PDI. I'll hassel the dealer about it. I have learnt how to drive around the lag but my wife hate's it.
  5. New Car (Zetec S Tdci)

    Thought I'd better post a pic, if it works. I see my attemp to put my picture in my profile has failed.
  6. New Car (Zetec S Tdci)

    Hi, Ive been looking for a suitable place to ask these questions and since a few of you on this thread have the 1.6 TDCi, here goes: First round a bout I came to with this car I nipped out in front of a lorrie in first, short shifted to 2nd and the unexpected hesitation must have scared the lorrie driver as much as me, I thought it had cut out and was almost T Boned by the lorrie. I've never driven anything that hesitates like that, petrol or diesel. Is this normal with the Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ? I was thinking is getting a chip box thingy to iron out this flat spot, but thats drastic to have to spend £400 to sort out the power delivery on a brand new car. Another thing I notice is that I don't have the metal pedals, its a Zetec S 2012 spec car but should it not still have came with them ? Fist Post, sory if Ive blabed on a bit!!!