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  1. Happy Birthday Fifirose!

  2. Rosie, gone but never ever forgotten. 28th December 2001 - 19th July 2012. Twinkle twinkle little star, how I miss my beautiful car.

  3. Good times ahead for me and my girl......going home for a week after her service. Then in the New Year, moving further North!! :)

  4. Ah... Not Good!

    Have to admit that I'd be gutted if my MOT report came back with all those points, but what I would do is get a quote for repairs and then decide if the car is worth having the money spent on it, and bearing in mind that it is 14 years old and most Fiestas start corroding after 8 years old. Generally speaking, it's worth having welding done, and it's a bonus that the corrosion is not around the suspension area. My last Fiesta was welded at 8 years, 11 years and 13 years old. Personally I would beg, steal and borrow to get my 2001 Fiesta through an MOT.....which is what I did today to get her back from a garage where she had just had new front brakes fitted and a rear brake pipe to meet requirements for a re-test.
  5. What Cd Player!!?

    Hi Victoria, firstly congratulations on picking a great little car.....I've had my 2001 Fiesta for over 7 years and love her to bits! I put a 6000 Ford Cd player in earlier this year, bought it from ebay and fitted it in less than 2 minutes....as I have the proper stereo removal tool (that was a couple of pound off ebay).
  6. Tyre Dressing

    Congratulations on your new motor...nice one!! I Diamondbrited my Red Fiesta on the day that she was 3 years old, my friend got her car done at a garage, but I spent 20 quid on ebay on the 2 bottles of stuff and did it myself (My car is a 51 reg). She has never lost her original shine (in fact I think that several times I have managed to get her even shinier than Ford ever did!). I use Turtlewax Tyre Gel on her tyres, with a curved plastic-backed black sponge (looks similar to a shoe brush) that I bought from Halfords years ago. The gel soaks into the sponge and gives a great effect on my tyres and keeps them dust free in between washes. In fact I've abandoned most Autoglym products and gone back to Turtle which I used on my Mk3 Fiesta in the past.
  7. Happy Day! First good sleep in 13 weeks.........and Little Miss Rosie has had a new n/s/f spring fitted! :)

    1. Fifirose


      Get well soon Baby Girl!

  8. My Poor Car :(

  9. For the past couple of months my 51 reg Fiesta has been making a groaning noise at slow speed. At first it seemed to come from the centre of underneath. It stopped happening whenever she got wet, but would start again when dry. It started happening more often at higher speeds and got louder, at which point I was convinced that it was a broken or excessively worn off side front joint. But on Monday as I made a hard turn to the left there was a clunking noise, and then this morning as I drove around my street she was clunking a lot! I am convinced that it is a broken near side front spring as her front wheel arch is nearer her tyre and she looks to be leaning slightly to the left (tyre pressures are correct). Husband has spoken to a garage who seem to think that it is a CV joint, but as I had the off side front spring totally snap on me 3 years ago, I am certain that it is the spring. Anyway, she is getting collected tomorrow. (She was going to go to a garage on Monday but the clutch went on husband's car so it got priority). Apart from the current problem, she really is an amazing little car! :)
  10. My Flight

    Fiesta Flight 1.3 2001