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  1. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    Link works ok for me, the website has it on sale for £28.55
  2. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    This a good price? http://www.ankaka.com/ms-509-autel-maxiscan-obdiieobd-can-scanner-auto-diagnostic-tool_p48278.html
  3. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    Look on halfords, there discontinued. Know anywhere else I can get one? Also, this is my fuel guage after 2 weeks of Urban driving (sorry for the angle, couldnt do anything about it):
  4. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    Unfortunatly I don't live near Northumberland, but where can I get a fault code reader of my own? Ive done that dash board trick where you can get fault codes and fuel readings on the dash itself, e.g. Turn the key to a certain point and hold trip for a few seconds etc, but never been able to understand anything.
  5. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    Hmm, well whenever i fill up when its on the red light it never seems to cost me more than £58 (based on around £1.429 per litre), and based on what I put in, the tank had between 17 - 20 litres left in the tank, which is odd as it has a 58.5 litre tank. I want to see how far I go when I get it to the red light but think it would be too much of a risk, because even if i was doing 31mpg, i should still get 360 from a tank.
  6. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    I'm using an app on my phone. It's saying around on average im doing 31.3mpg. That's a mix of short journeys with the odd day drip. The highest of got was 36mpg. That was across 1 full tanks at two partial fill ups. I think it's the sender tbh
  7. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    Been a while since I started this thread. Cars been great, gave it a good service a few months ago with some castrol magnetec, and been using shell fuel save instead of supermarket fuel. Now I've noticed a slight improvement but the guage still seems to move quickly. Is there anyway I can do a type of factory reset on the dash, or would it be easier to just have the sender unit looked at? My friends got a 2.0 tdci LX which does 380+ miles around town per tank, but mine never seems to go above 290.
  8. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    I turned the key around to point two. Ignore the light, should of mentioned that
  9. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    Mine is an 05 plate which I think was pre-facelift but tbh I can't notice much difference between mine and others. I work for a motor factor and I asked a few garages I delivered to and they say that it could be the fuel sender unit. One said they can get dirty and give a false reading. Since filling up I've done 55 miles, trip shows 333 miles till empty and 31.5mpg which is ok for short town travel. I also record my fill ups on my iPhone Gas Cubby app which gives me my average. Also, I'm not sure about the euro 4, euro 5 thing. Edit: here's a picture of the dash at the moment. Dash Pic
  10. Mondeo St Tdci Poor Mpg

    I havent really noticed any white smoke but I will look out for that. What would that mean if there was? I just filled up and it cost £41 to fill up from a quarter which doesn't seem right. Thats 30.25 litres meaning there is about 28 left. Maybe a fuel gauge problem?
  11. Hey guys, Recently bought a 05 mondeo st155 with 47k on a clock and now been running it for about 2 weeks. I last filled it up to full on the 21st of last month and have done 202 miles so far. Now I understand diesels don't preform as well on cold runs but I was still expecting at least 30mpg minimum. The gauge is currently just slightly above a quarter of a tank, the miles left is 139, and the average mpg is 34mpg. Is there any common problems with the st tdci that affect mpg or is there anyone here who owns one who can help me with this?
  12. I currently own a Ford Focus Edge '04 1.6 Duratec Special Edition, and I am currently buying performance parts to do an my own interim service. At the moment I currently have NGK Iridium Performance Spark Plugs and a K&N air filter, with my next purchase being Castrol oil. Could anyone recommend what else I could buy and what makes?, and also what type of Castrol Oil I should get? Thanks to anyone who posts :)