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  1. Streetka Brake Upgrades

    They just need replacing, they're old and lipped, so it presents an opportunity to upgrade.
  2. Streetka Brake Upgrades

    OK, it looks like Fiesta ST stuff will go straight on. The only problem is the disc diameter will increase from 258 to 278 mm which isn't a big improvement but will increase unsprung weight. So I've decided to go with standard size discs, uprated pads, braided hoses. What do people recommend these days for uprated pads? Cheers :)
  3. Toyo Proxes T1-R On Streetka

    Good to know, thanks :)
  4. Toyo Proxes T1-R On Streetka

    Thanks for that, will probably go for those then. Longevity is not really a concern as the car only does 6-7K miles a year. It would be more of a concern if they lastest ages because I'd need to swap them out down to age rather than wear!
  5. Damsel In Distress!

    That's weird. That user is no longer registered and hasn't had any feedback since Jan 2005. Anyway, really sorry to hear that. I know it can be a really stressful time selling cars, and the market has declined somewhat. Luck is on your side with this one though as I believe it's still in the top 5 most popular cars in Britain. Can I just point something out which is going to hurt a little I'm afraid - The ad is a little bit like reading your life story and less about the facts of the car. Whilst a buyer may be sympathetic at the time, they ultimately are looking for the right car for the right price. I'd remove some your personal detail, and add some more about the car. If you can afford to get the fog lamp fixed, do so as it's one less thing to put a buyer off the car and less of a bargaining chip for them. I'd also remove the fact that you're open to offers. Buyers won't offer you the asking price anyway, especially at first, unless you get a buyer who isn't used to haggling or just wants to secure the vehicle quickly. Please don't take the advice the wrong way; I'm simply trying to assist you in selling your car. And best of luck! :)
  6. The car's had Continental CS3's on up 'til now, but these Toyos are really well regarded too. Does anyone have them on their Ka/StreetKas? If not, we'll take the plunge!
  7. Tyreslive.co.uk

    Don't Tesco own Blackcircles? You certainly get Clubcard points if you buy tyres from there.
  8. Womans Kar

    The StreetKa is definitely girlie, especially considering it has the Ka front. It's the wife's car, but I don't mind using it to get about because it's quite good fun to drive despite a lack of power. Even with the roof down! I couldn't get a toss what anyone else thinks; they start to offer their opinion and I butt in to tell them they don't really know because they haven't driven it. But I do wish that Ford would come out with a Street Fiesta. That would be awesome!
  9. 04 Streetka Squeaky (Fan) Belt

    Ah, looks like an old thread that represents pretty much what's happening on the wife's car, that's the rodent vocals rather than getting hot under the collar. Does anyone know if it's a good idea to do any other maintenance at the same time? The only reason I ask is coming from camp VAG (VW Audi Gruppe), it's advisable to change the water pump at the same time as a whole cambelt and tensioner kit with the PD diesel engines. Suffice to say, short term gain here (or just changing the belt itself) leads to long term pain which I'm aiming to avoid. This also avoids a belting in the crown jewels and absence of unspeakable pleasures for the foreseeable! I jest, but any hopeful hints greatfully received. :)
  10. How To Remove Swirl Marks

    A DA (or Dual Action) polisher is absolutely fine for novices. Just use light polishing or finishing pads to begin with and something like the Dodo polish I mentioned, watch plenty of YouTube videos to get the idea, and then start slowly after all of the mentioned prep work (which is essential to a good finish, especially claying). Super Resin Polish is also a great polish to get you started. Works very well with a DA, but don't expect fantastic long term results as it has a lot of fillers in it. But good choice for beginners. Also, don't forget to wax or seal afterwards and protect your hard work.
  11. Streetka Seats

    Thanks for that. I really don't think SWMBO would like full-on bucket seats in her car though! What is the console if you don't mind me asking? I've never played with changing seats in anything before! Changing the subject, that's a rather funky coloured StreetKa you've got there. The Mrs really likes it. What's the colour called?
  12. Are You Getting A New Car For 2013?

    I've not seen the new MkIII yet. The top FR engines (170PS diesel, 210+PS petrol) have gone but hopefully the build quality is better than the MkII. I loved my MkI Cupra TDi.
  13. Hid Conversion

    This is a subject that does the rounds on just about every motoring site I visit. It is a very much unclear as to what is legal and what is not. However, the legislative proposal that I have read suggests that the colour temperature of the headlight should match that of standard equipment when the car was new. That would stop any modification (even bulbs!) in a heart beat. I simply can't see this as enforceable, but there you go. What I will say is that dazzling headlights, or a beam that doesn't meet the correct pattern or has 'scatter' is most definitely illegal (HID or not). Besides that, they are distrating for other motorists and downright dangerous. I've noticed a massive increase in aftermarket kits fitted to vehicles recently, and I actually welcome any enforceable legislation to stop this as most of the time the owners just don't give a damn about what adverse effect their car is having on other motorists. Unfortunately in some ways, that might hit the projector headlight proper conversions some more savvy motorists are performing, and on the whole these are very good. Sadly that's the way of these things.
  14. Damsel In Distress!

    Did you put a reserve on it? I would have suggested Pistonheads (great especially for anything with any performance). My Seat Leon Cupra sold on there but the guy that bought it said he saw it on all the sites I had it advertised on.
  15. Streetka Brake Upgrades

    What about the master cylinder? Do they all push roughly the same amount of fluid?