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  1. Ford Orion Photo

    new pictures
  2. Ford Orion

    orion went back for mot,did the repairs,but rear wheel bearing still has play,luckily mot exminer has passed it,with just advisory on slight play on bearing,used an old gunsons to set the emission up,seem to work ok levels were down to co 1.90/hc 252
  3. had my 1993 orion in for mot yesterday,failed on a few bits,rear wheel bearing,cv boot,tyre,co level high ie should be 3.50,was 6.18,hc level passed,advisory ignition has no key,the new mot document is not much to look at now,suppose it saves money..
  4. Non Starting-What Do These Codes Mean???

    bad news,i would not let that firm no where any car,they have bad reputation full stop,have you got a code reader,
  5. Rear Door Handle

    orion went for mot,only failed on couple of bits,front cv boot,rear wheelbearing,1 tyre like new,but has split on inner wall,emissions co fail 6.18,should be 3.50,flew through hc 333,advice was only ignition has no key.. :rolleyes:parts dead cheap cv boot stretch version £4.00,bearing £6.00.,
  6. Grinding When Stopping

    im a mobile mechanic and only charge £15.00 an hour..have done for years...
  7. Common Ka Flood In The Footwell

    is your heater valve working,its under the bonnet passenger side,you should see 2 pipes going into it,one should be hot,the other cold,vlve only costs £15.00 or less,
  8. Common Ka Flood In The Footwell

    take to local jetwash spray around that side of car,may be coming through windscreen seal etc,should not cost more than £50.00 to fix,brushable seamsealer is good stopping leaks,
  9. Rear Door Handle

    i have 1993 orion,due mot dec,rear passenger door open from inside,handle on outside doing nothing,have removed panel,the black handle is not connected,no rod or anything,any one have steering coloumn,must have ignition barrel aswell,i start mine with screwdriver :unsure:mine is non airbag model,have just had the orion black waxoiled underneath,rear chassis still sound,not bad for 19 year model.seems to have outlasted many of newer versions..
  10. changed a few of them,on ebay for £10.00.
  11. Newbie

    have recently purchased above,was due to be scrapped by the dealer,as the owner said just scrap it,far too good,needs some jobs doing,ie no ignition barrel,key was lost by last owner,must be early 93 model,as it has no cat,just done oil,filter,cambelt,new fuelpump,drives well,short mot till dec,but taxed till march.will need small patch on sill,but first time its needed any welding,,will take photos soon :rolleyes:update rear brakes rubbish,have removed one side cylinder leaking,have changed both sides,shoes,welding now done,car caught alight,soon put out water,still driving,but does not like 3rdparty fuel pumps,have tried two different makes,but both stop the car running,or getting above 50,put the old back on,fine,changed battery,got smaller one,new lucas classic £31,
  12. Rocker Cover Gasket Help

    what model is yours,price seems to steep
  13. Key Ignition Cylinder Probs

    try remoco,have just bought new key,barrel from for only £11.00..
  14. New Member

    hi all have just bought a 1993 ford orion lx,was due to be scrapped,as the owner trade it in for new peou!work to be soon.still drives great