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  1. Yes matching revs and double clutching works sometimes but not all. Last try will be a fluid change but already looking to find a low mileage box :(
  2. Did this ever get resolved? I have a 2014 1.0L that will not go into second gear when downshifting. Fine when upshifting. I have done the usual lubrication of cable/pushrods. selector block removed and cleaned lubed and ensured easy movement, checked gear selector at gear shift end. Bled the slave cylinder, fluid was very watery and dirty with debris which was surprising. Sadly looks likely the gearbox will have to come out.
  3. Windscreen Washer Problem

    Hi, Ive just had to replace the fuse on my focus mk2 for the washer pump. been fine since. i always use screenwash so hasnt frozen. take a look under your glovebox. its all labelled up.
  4. Hi all, Ive got a 2.0 tdci 2006, same whining noise from car when accelerator depressed. anyone got any info on this yet? cheers paul.