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  1. 1990 Mk4 Escort

    the slack gearbox is a common thing rerly mines like it and all the others i have been in are its not rearly a problem just general wear and tear and the rattling will be the lifters if its the 1.6 cvh its a 20min job take the rocker cover of and the rockers and they should just pull out and slot new ones in but if its the 1.6 or 1.8 zetec there abit harder as u have to take the cams out and this meens timing it back up if its the 8v cvh i think the lifters are about 60 - 70 quid but there not rearly a problem more of an anoyance but check the oil if its abit low top it up to the max line it might cure it but chances are it wont
  2. Escort Car theft

    i dont no about testing the alarm but the round cable if its black and has a prong in the middle then its for the airial as for the alarm theres a little red light normaly next to the clock on the dashboard lock the car and check if its flash's or constently comes on than i think its fine
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