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  1. Happy Birthday sambooka!

  2. ive just converted to a petrol zs from a diesel and noticed today mine sounds the same but have only noticed it when the car is cold so maybe it just needs time to circulate the oil . going to get it checked next week as I have a courtesy car for now.
  3. reset the Bluetooth module Nathan did a video on how to do it think its in the guides section
  4. hey guys its been a while ive just bought an 09 zs after writing off my 11 plate and I am trying to update the stereo it has usb so I can do it myself but for the life of me I cant find the file download on fords website all I can find is the ford sync update which it doesn't have. so would someone be so kind as to drop me a link
  5. Anyone had this fitted is it work the £320 asking price as i really want some more power
  6. There is a cars in the park show at lotherton hall on September the 28th. Is anyone else besides me going
  7. Are you going to cars in the park on the 28th of September as I will be attending
  8. There's a cars in the park show at lotherton hall September the 28th anyone on here going
  9. I get 46mpg but I have a lead foot and plenty of B roads around me :)
  10. I got Inath to retrofit and activate it on my mk7 I use it all the time. It did look a pain in the backside to fit though and I know he's had plenty of practice fitting them to
  11. The armrest is possible a company called armster make them for the fiesta from what I remember they screw into the rear cup holder. As for the illuminated cup holders I don't see why not but won't be cheap to buy
  12. As above as long as you give it a good run sort of 20 mins half hour at motorway speeds is more than enough for the car to do a regen cycle on the dpf. I also have a 1.6 tdci the turbo lag is just something you put up with in the beginning until you adapt to it or floor it so it's always on boost like me :). The ecu could be anything mine was recalibrated just for 17" rims. So could be anything
  13. It is just hit and miss whether you get one mine a 11 tdci zs and has one. It seems to be that more common for deisels to have a cover
  14. Had my mk7 going on 3 years no leaks and I check regular
  15. sambooka


    They will all fit fine and should give a good white light