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  1. Clutch pedal

    Hi all I seem to have a lot of free play in my clutch pedal. By free play i mean side to side like something is worn. Any ideas please Many thanks
  2. Clutch master cylinder

    Hi all. Spotted my clutch master cylinder has a slight leak. Has anbody replaced one, is it difficult and what sort of cost. Many thanks
  3. Instrument cluster fitting

    Hi all Both my fuel and temp guage jump to mid way when i turn the ignition off. Looking at the posts on here and talking a mechanic friend its almost certain the faulty cluster symdrome. Ford will sell me one for £99 which i will fit myself. Is there any problems to look out for Many thanks
  4. Hi just bought a 2002 1.6 LX. Ive noticed that the fuel temp gauge seems to go up and down fairly easily and also the cooling fans seemed to cut in when guage reading quite low. Any ideas. Many thanks