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  1. Vinyl Wrapping

    What's name of the company
  2. My corsa do for now I think. That's strange name for a car vignal
  3. I brought a 2005 Vauxhall corsa 1.2 I no it's not a 4 wheel drive but that'll do. I had mk4 golf in the past never had a problem till a polish lorry driver hit me and it was a right off.
  4. One with the bmw engine will be bit pricey I think might just get a standard front wheel drive golf etc don't no if I wanna spend to much on a car which is just go a use for winter month but you never know might still get a 4x4.
  5. Yes that's what I meant I'm using my partner's kindle so the automatic spell keeps writing what I don't want lol. Are the freelander any good.
  6. I decided if I get a 4x4 might get a freelancer td4 which has the bmw engine or might just get a golf or focus mk1 for a grand or so just to get me to work etc so I can leave my car in the garage I'm just looking around if find something cheap enough then I'm get it.
  7. I live in a small town and in winter really need a 4x4 or car with four wheel drive. Maybe I shouldn't have said round around basically need a car for winter as the merc will be in garage over winter.
  8. Thinking of buying a run about for winter thinking of a x5 but can't justify buying one.
  9. Forgot to mention my car is a blue efficiency model so that's why it is really good on fuel.
  10. trust me I was thinking my trip computer was faulty but reset it and after a hour on m4 it still read between 65-67mpg.
  11. I went t cardiff couple of weeks ago which is 4 hours drive from my house and I got 66mpg on m4 doing 70mph trust me it really good on fuel.
  12. Cheap as chips tax is £145 for year insurance same.also much better on fuel as its diesel it has 15 months warranty so I'm sorted I also have a independence mercedes garage where I can get jobs done half the price.if.needed was recommended by guy at work and everyone on Mercedes forum too.
  13. My 2006 Focus Mk2 Project

    Private message me your number and I will get in touch when I'm ready
  14. My 2006 Focus Mk2 Project

    Sorry I meant I'll get back to you