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  1. Knock From Front Of Car

    I'll have a look next time I'm under the car, checked everything I could think of last time for any play and none was found.
  2. Knock From Front Of Car

    Never found where my knocking noise when I brake is coming from, it still does it, checked everything I could think of, passed the mot ok so not a safety issue, just annoying.
  3. Knock From Front Of Car

    seems like i've the same problem, got the car up on axle stands and got a mate to put it in gear and let the clutch out rev to about 2000 then clutch in and brake gently, doing that replicates the knocking that i've been getting while driving, only managed a quick look tonight and although the engine jumps quite a bit when he gently brakes and it makes the noise, i couldnt find the cause, dont think its a brake problem though, gonna try have a look tomorrow
  4. Mk6 Fiesta Noise

    Hi what speed do you get the noise at? Ive a focus which makes that noise at 60-70 mph, can't seem to find where its coming from.