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  1. fdhadi

    Got It

    Ok, quick update. Had the window tints done, pleased with the way it looks. :) Fitted the S Scuff plates from Lockwood, good price and easy to fit. :) Fitted the W5W bulbs in the footwell and all working. Will change them for some led's now I know they work. Just got cheap 80p bulbs to test them out firstly. ;) ;)
  2. fdhadi

    New Car

    Brill, great looking car ;) ;)
  3. fdhadi

    Broken Seat Lever

    Had the same thing happen on both a mk6 & mk6.5 Had it welded back on each time.
  4. fdhadi

    Rear Axle Bolt Problem

    Had the same problem, had to wait an extra 10 days for the car. I was told it was a problem on cars built in August & September.
  5. fdhadi

    Got It

    Thanks Dan :)
  6. fdhadi

    Got It

    Help, think I've done something wrong!
  7. fdhadi

    Got It

    Ok, did around 700 miles this week in the new car. Trip computer shows 56.2mpg so happy with that and should get a little better. The car looks great, all my pupils (I'm a driving instructor) have loved it and found it very comfortable and enjoyable to drive. The Sony dab radio sounds great and no problems with the BT. Had a mk6 in Silver and a mk6.5 in Black (ZS's) both of which I loved but this is a 75% better car IMHO. I'm having the windows tinted this coming week and have ordered some sill protector's. I think that will be it as far as mods go. Will have a go at putting some pictures on now. Regards Frank
  8. fdhadi

    Got It

    Thanks for the replies, Will post some pictures asap. To early yet Chris to give any fuel figures. My mk6 was doing 57mpg around town and being a Driving Instructor if I can get something like that I'm more than happy :)
  9. fdhadi

    Got It

    Picked the new car up today. Brand new White Fiesta Zetec S tdci with the Sony DAB system. In went the Black 58 plate mk6, out came the White 61 plate mk7. Love it.