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  1. Just seen pictures on news of M5 crash for the first time. Words fail me....

  2. Oh, the Battle of the Supermarkets has come to lil ol Cinderford. First Tesco, then Sainsburys. Now Asda... #triestobehappyaboutthis

  3. Lovely words from the first customer on my brand new website :) Thanks Gabby xx http://t.co/Rqx5Dw5W

  4. You may not be able to turn your plans into reality today beca... More for Aquarius http://t.co/dO2nEEYq

  5. Its only a matter of time before one of them says "ah those were the days..."

  6. Your dreams may bring an answer to a lingering question, but y... More for Aquarius http://t.co/dO2nEEYq

  7. Anger, frustration, fear, pain, tears, stress, more anger... don't make for good tweets so I am stepping awa… (cont) http://t.co/SnWNVcgp

  8. Stop effing spamming me - I am really REALLY NOT in the mood!!! @darrenrj4dy

  9. Everything is far from sorted and we you couldn't afford the fuel to get over here for three days a week on minimum wage

  10. Oh just pulled up - i am gonna sign out now. Thanks to those who have kept me comapany and stopped me panicking. xxx

  11. Think I might get my guitar out... probably needs tuning. Gives me something to do....

  12. One last push of new website before I retire for the night - please look, like, tweet etc :-) forestflowerdesigns.co.uk thanks me lovelys x

  13. I have just spent 20 mins looking around the @Ryvita website and drooling over crispbread topping suggestions. Damn you @KeithBopp...

  14. ok here I go.The sun is still making sporadic appearances from behind the clouds. I could get lucky....

  15. It's raining. Again. Looks like I am going to get very wet on nursery run. Again.

  16. Yup, it really is *THAT* time of year again... ( if you don't like the 'C' word, look away now) http://t.co/bzvmyWlh #handmadechristmas

  17. The first of (possibly) many #HandmadeChristmas blogposts. I hope to share lots of ideas for those of you who... http://t.co/vXxZizsq

  18. The carrot muffins are absolutely gorgeous in case you were wondering...

  19. Gorgeous, handmade Red & White decorations - perfect for a Nordic inspired #handmadechristmas http://t.co/P1Gt104A

  20. Others may see you as a positive force in their lives today as... More for Aquarius http://t.co/dO2nEEYq

  21. Too tired to do anything much of what I should be doing. Ho hum. Maybe tomorrow...

  22. Just want to close my eyes now.. conjunctivitis sucks :-( Got LM's 'parents evening' to do first though...

  23. Want a 20% discount off your first order to celebrate the launch of my new website? Just enter TWEET20 at the checkout http://t.co/HG8g2Bvu

  24. Now we are going to have hot chocolate with squirty cream and sprinkles and adjourn to the sunny conservatory for an afternoon of crafting:)

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