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  1. Power Steering

    Hi sorry it took so long to reply I couldn't get onto the site. Thank you for replying to my quiery. The company would not do anything for my battery and they never mentioned anything about softwear. The car is Diesel. It was in at the garage this week but they said they wouldn't do anything with it, as it was 'just noisey'. So unless I pay for a new power steering I'm stuck with the noise. Needless to say the money well out weighs the noise. JMartin
  2. Power Steering

    Hi I'm new to this site, wanted to know if anybody else has had same problems as me. My car is a 56plate new off the forecourt. Within the first couple of years I had AA and Greenflag out to my car 11 times. Battery problems. absolutly flat on a morning. I was advised to take it back to garage, they weren't interested saying there was nothing wrong with the battery. well AA and greenflag had powered it to get me started. I asked them to change it but that would put me in the 'Gray area' with the warrenty. after 3 years I gave up and changed the battery myself, I need a reliable car. Then the power steering broke the car sounded like the number 49 bus. It hadf only 19000 on the clock. Had a new one fitted [ 6 months out of warrenty] expensive. 8 months later power steering went again. After a lot of arguing Ford changed it but warrenty would only continue on from the first one been fitted. We are now 4 months from the 2nd new one been fitted and guess what bus sound back and power steering gone again. I have only done 22000 on clock. Thankfully Ford going to change it. How long will this one last, who knows. Even debating changing my car. Has anybody had similar problems.