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  1. Hi just got my f super reader today,unfortunately does not do a lot,cannot see it in device manager windows 7 laptop,so cannot add it to my system and therefore install drivers,have emailed the place of ebay but nothing back yet, It does have a red light on it so would appear to be working,just wondered if any of you were experts with this device,and if I ever get it working what do you do? stick it in the interface in car and and read what it has downloaded to scanner? cheers neil.........
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    Please Read - Message To All Ford Owners

    Nice1 chloe im sure your dad will appreiate your efforts......
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    Tow Bar

    Nice1 well done....
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    FOC Age group Poll!

    61 but feeling 20 everybody on here are babys....
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    Tow Bar

    nice1 Lez ur a gent...
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    Tow Bar

    looks like we need a member with a Ford fitted one to reply...
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    Tow Bar

    looks very similar to my Brink detachable you stick it in the slot and push it down to lock and then turn the knob to the right whilst depresing it and pull towbar back up to unlock...
  8. Only if it didnt use my TomTom software :-)
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    Hello glad to have you on the forum.....
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    Chain Or Belt

    Hi,do I have a cam belt or chain on my titx estate auto diesel 2008?
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    Hello M8 welcome to forum....
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    New Member

    Hi and welcome, I used to have a RS2000 in the seventies I loved it but was heavy on juice but it had been blueprinted to 400+ bhp....
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    Hello and welcome to the forum....
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    Mk1 Ford Escort Mexico Model Info

    Hi I used to have a RS maxico mk1 in the seventies and your model looks nowt like mine did it had the stripes but your bonnet and boot dont have the contour that mine had,,,,,yours looks more like a mk1 cortina!!
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    We Are New

    Nice 1, does that mean my auto box as well if it goes !Removed! up?
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    We Are New

    Welcome niall what u cracked M8 is it an egg?
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    A Big Hello From Eurocarparts

    Hi and welcome........
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    Hi M8 and welcome...
  19. Hi I dont know if this is a natural thing but when I have ignition on, there is a faint High Pitched noise form underneath the big black turbo cover,was wondering if this same on all mk4 titx mondys?
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    Ford F Reader Scanner

    cheers found it a little while back have done a scan and all seems to work ok even had a fault code maf sensor low or something should have written it down
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    Ford F Reader Scanner

    Right chaps second update and I think success...It looks like it had installed it under ports com &lpt it was named as usb serial port comm19.... I then ran formidable 2.03but it wouldnt connect as it only goes up to comm whent into comm port settings in device manager and found a not used comm port ( 2 ) re named it as that and now I can connect in formidable and get to model selection etc I will go and connect it to the port in car tommorow and hopefully all will work...( by the way where is it in my mondy mk4 estate? ) cheers again for bearing with me chaps....Neil