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  1. normally that means theres an internal problem with the cd player... ford can send it back to get it fixed n itll cost ya.. so will buyin a new ford cd player... best off buyin a new head unit u like itll cost alot less
  2. Warning Light

    if its flashin its normally flashing a code 3blinks in 3 seconds means summat n 4 means summat else.. the dealer will be able to put it on the ids and tell u exactly wot is at fault
  3. broken seat release - advise please

    there talkin a pile of !Removed!... its a common problem with them fiestas im a fully qualifyed ford mechanic its covered upder warrenty use to replace 4 a day... the cabel snaps on them or the release handle bracket to where the cable is inserted breaks and they ALWAYS replace both.. go in an tell them its covered under warrenty u rang ford direct and they advised you to take it to your local dealer an make them aware u know that its covered under warrenty m8
  4. i recently bought one of those cold air intake trick chips... drive a 1.25 zetec fiesta 98.. an im not deifnate to where to put the resistor... the instructions read... "locate the inlet air temp (IAT) sensor on your engine..remove the connector from the engine plug in resistor blah blah" my prob is locating the (IAT) sensor... it it the the wee sensor loacted in the side of the air box? not the mass airflow but the tiny 2pinned sensor??? can someone help pls!!! thanx