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  1. Recieved...With thanks..


  2. Cheers matey.....

  3. Hi mate it should be with you bye the end of the week let me no if it's ok

  4. And yes it will have the tape on it

  5. I will find it out and get it done for you . You can have it mate

  6. Cheers matey, that would be great....

    How much do you require for this ?

    Will it have the tape on the rear to put onto the vehicle...?


    My Address:

    42 Belton Road

    Park Farm



    PE2 8US

  7. Hi mate got one from eBay and got my daughter to do at work I think I have spare one if you like I can get her to do it in black for you and get here to post it to you if would like me to let me no it will take about a week to do and post if so just let have your address

  8. Awesome matey....

    Ive just picked my Fiesta Metal however in Midnight Sky...

    How easy was it to do the FIESTA Badge In Black ??


  9. Malc999

    Black 'fiesta' Badge

    Cheers matey....However Im looking for the actual `FIESTA` Badge, not the overlays for the Ford Emblems.... Malc
  10. Malc999

    Black 'fiesta' Badge

    Hi, Anyone advise where I can get the latest Fiesta Badge in Black to go onto my Fiesta Metal. Didn't know if there was any company's out there that do them.... Cheers, cheers.... Malc
  11. Malc999

    Fiesta Metal...hi !!

    Hi, And thank you for all your comments. Like I said 1st Fiesta I`ve ever owned.....Actually I`m supprised...... Anyone know where to buy the Rear FIESTA Badge in Black ?? Malc
  12. Malc999

    Fiesta Metal...hi !!

    Paul, hi..... Fiesta is awesome !!! 1st Fiesta I've ever owned. Went to look at new cars, saw this at the dealers which was in there compound, but couldn't view properly as they were closed. Went back the next day, test drove and bought straight away.... The Midnight Sky colour and the Black Alloys goes really well. Still haven't seen another in this colour....nor another on the road around my area. Thanks for dropping by... Malc
  13. Malc999

    Fiesta Metal

    Hi, Just after some advice on if theres anywhere I can buy the latest FIESTA Rear Badge in Black ? Is there a company that can supply these, or is it just as easy to spray one yourself and if so Instructions as to get the best result. Cheers, Cheers.... Malc
  14. Hi, Just popped in too see what all the fuss is about. Just taken delivery of my Brand New Fiesta Metal In `Midnight Sky` Malc