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  1. hi do not panic you can remove the air bag charge from your steering wheel and fit into the air bag unit on the st wheel. I have done this and got some photos somewhere. you will also need to change the resistor values in the cc switches I found the wiring diagram and the values of resistors near the beginning of one of these posts. just let me know if you want to do this will not take long.
  2. just removed from my focus 1.6 tdci sport listed on ebay very reasonable listed as ford focus st steering wheel with cruse control. all modifications done to switches (resistor values) ready to fit. getting myself a kuga
  3. hi as I stated before I was sold a focus st steering wheel it was the wrong one although I have modified it to fit not too much bother I still have to replace the capacitors in the switches. knowing what I know now I would just fit switches. I still have to get the cc working
  4. I TO HAVE BEEN SOLD A "FOCUS STEERING WHEEL" would not fit without modification. I placed my 3 bar wheel on top and drilled the 2 peg holes. I then carefully cut away the bottom unused plug flush to the disc. i then filed the space for the top plug to gain a good fit. fitted wheel fitted horn assembly. I had to change the air bag inflation unit from my 3 spoke wheel to the 4 spoke air bag. I had to make a bracket to secure the inflation unit to seal to 4 spoke air bag and fit earth clip. all gone together ok. altered all settings with elm cruse not working. tested switch with heated window method on and resume have no effect. reading thread I will need to solder new capacitors to the switches. I have seen the diagram in a thread somewhere. if anyone else would need help in converting this type of steering wheel I will have to remove and create a pictured method of installation. please contact pm if you need any assistance.
  5. Which Diesel Engine

    runs great bags of power love the car
  6. Whoosing Noise From Petrol Tank Focus St

    I am a mechanic of 30 + years. I have city and guilds levels 1 2 3 and specialised in vehicle electronics . I hold other institute certificates, if you want a lesson in fuel systems that is not a problem. a fuel tank is not pressurised you cannot compress liquids and ive never seen a compressor connected to a fuel tank . please don't comment on what you do not understand.
  7. Which Diesel Engine

    hi mate I have the 1.6 tdci sport getting 50 tatting around town. 58 to 60 on motorway distance can get better but its how you drive cant say about larger engins hope this helps
  8. Whoosing Noise From Petrol Tank Focus St

    take no notice of the person who said the tank is pressurised its rubbish, it will have a certain amount of vacuum before it opens the valve to let in the air . this is so because the fuel cannot leak out if the car was on its side. if the air was not replace the symptoms are fuel starvation, lack of power on longer journeys, it will stop and draw no more fuel and the tank could implode.
  9. Whoosing Noise From Petrol Tank Focus St

    hi fella when you drive and use up your fuel it has to be replaced with air or the tank vacuums and can cause fuel starvation. there should be a vent or valve to let in the air, it will be blocked up . if its built into the cap it will need replacing. short term fix loosen cap a little . hope this helps
  10. Focus 55 Reg Lose Power On Uphill

    looks like you have lost boost pressure or have a fuelling problem. I would say boost pressure, you will find a loose hose clip or split hose or even a cracked intercooler. you have to check all your hoses and connections. the usual point is where the turbo fits onto the pipe it has an o ring this usually goes at this point. there may be a tell tail sign where as if its blowing anywhere it may be wet with an oily residue
  11. Slow Fuelling/strange Noise

    hi there should be an air vent pipe from the top of the tank to the filling cap. it sounds like its kinked or blocked. as you put fuel into a tank the air has to escape this is done via a vent pipe when the air cannot escape via the pipe it will trigger the shut off in the fuel nozzle. it also works the other way when you use fuel when driving the air is let back into the tank thus stopping the tank from vacuuming and collapsing in on itself.
  12. Towbar Wiring

    if you pull off the lower door trims you can push the wire all the way without taking your car to bits. in the boot lower trim remove 4 black plugs first then they all the panels pull off. 2 torx screws hold the sides . remove the screws and you will then gain enough access without taking them off just pull them out a bit. make a hole in the grommet in the floor you will see it push your wire through cable tie it out of the way of your exhaust pipe .
  13. Towbar Wiring

    hi I have just wired up my car for caravanning. you will need to run a 40amp cable from the fuse box passenger well to the rear of the car. I fitted a towing relay because this dose all the work rather than running up to 4 cables from the front. you can use the spare orange wire in the right hand side of the boot and change the fuse for a 30amp. but you may need more current than it can supply safely. I used this wire to power up the running lights via a canbus relay. anyway I would run the one wire. the fuse box will drop down and you can connect to a main feed wire from the battery ( a permanent live ) bare a small portion of the wire and solder this connection and put on plenty of insulation. leave your self a few inches of wire and fit an inline fuse. remove the fuse until all your wiring has been fitted. run the wire to a caravan towing relay and the numbers on the relay relate to the pin numbers on your 12s socket. hope this helps simon
  14. Lost My Nut!

    sockets are case hardened and can explode when you hammer them on. however impact sockets are soft and do not. the spiral splined socket for the job tightens onto the lug and can be removed easily after removal, where as when you bash another socket on you probably won't get it off. if you have the correct socket as you say use an air gun or a heavy duty pry bar cost £10. you can chisel them off but you can split your alloy wheel not recommended.